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There Are Tyrone Wheatley Days to Michigan Football

Six days. That's all that remains until opening Saturday in Ann Arbor. All the off season hi jinx, NCAA tomfoolery, hit pieces, scandals, and replays of painful losses will just float away come sunrise on that day. Michigan Stadium has sat dormant for too long, the sidelines empty, clamoring for the rumble of band, team and fans. Our countdown series continues down the home stretch, honoring the players and games of Michigan lore.

Jonathan Daniel

Faster than a locomotive, faster than a speeding bullet, and definitely faster than anyone on the field, Tyrone Wheatley was the first man in a Michigan uniform that I came to know and idolize. His most stunning accomplishment was the numbers he put on the board against Washington in the 1993 Rose Bowl -- 237 yards and three touchdowns on only 15 carries. And that Washington team was just as loaded as Michigan, but Wheatley tore through them with ease. If he got to the edge with blockers around him, everyone knew who was going to win, because like Denard Robinson, no one beat him around the corner. But it didn't stop there, because he could also beat you up the middle, leaving start Big Ten linebackers in his dust.

The only response necessary was what is heard from Dick Vermeil on some of those plays: "Whew!"