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Central Michigan coach Dan Enos praises Michigan before season opener

Fourth-year Central Michigan coach Dan Enos knows he has a big task, when it comes to beating Michigan in the season opener.

Central Michigan coach Dan Enos
Central Michigan coach Dan Enos

Michigan earned the respect of the national media and college football coaches when it ranked No. 17 in both the AP Top 25 and USA Today Coaches polls earlier this month.

On Monday, Central Michigan coach Dan Enos reaffirmed his respect for U-M, five days before the Wolverines host the Chippewas for the season opener.

"(Michigan) is very well coached," said fourth-year coach Enos. "I think they’re a solid team. They’re ranked in the top 25 for a reason.  I think they deserve that recognition of being that good.

"I’ve watched a lot of teams on tape, and I’m impressed. They’re a very solid football team."

The Wolverines will be without senior defensive back Courtney Avery (knee) but return several starters.

CMU will start Cody Kater at quarterback Saturday against a defensive front that could cause the junior to have problems when throwing passes.

"Defensively, I think they’re very good and play very hard," Enos noted. "Schematically, they do different things. Coach (Greg) Mattison gets them in and out of a lot of different fronts, looks, and pressures."

As for CMU, Enos wants to continue playing non-conference games against BCS-level opponents. He sees several benefits when playing against teams of that caliber.

"We’re going to continue (to play non-conference games against BCS opponents)," he said. "There’s a monetary advantage you get from it – the money you get for your athletic department and budget.

"Every Division I football player wants to play against the best teams and players they can play against. It gives our players the opportunity to play against the best teams in the country in those types of venues and those types of environments. Any time you can play in those types of environments, it’s an advantage for us."

CMU visits Purdue and Kansas in 2014 and Michigan State in 2015.