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2013 Captains for Michigan Football

Direct quotes from the men who will lead Team #134 for the University of Michigan

LB Jake Ryan
LB Jake Ryan
Gregory Shamus

The QB is generally the leader of the football team. Names like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning speak for themselves. For the Michigan Wolverines 2013 squad, the team captains come from a road less traveled.

The men who are the team captains are: Taylor Lewan, Jake Ryan, Courtney Avery and Cam Gordon.

The one name that isn't on that list is Devin Gardner.

Many may be surprised that Gardner is not one of the captains of team #134. The man who will be under center, Gardner, will be entering his first full season as the starting QB. This is a non issue and nothing to lose sleep over. Gardner will provide plenty of leadership and not being named a captain in title doesn't mean his voice will be silent.

Here is direct reaction from the men who will lead Michigan:

That's enough with the formalities. If you're looking for some comedy relief of the Michigan Men who are the '13 captains, look no further: