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Ex-Wolverines in the NFL: Preseason Week Three

The third week of the preseason watched Junior Hemingway get picked up by the first overall pick out of Central Michigan Eric Fisher, sulked as Stevie Brown's season ended, and learned more about the future of many young former Wolverines.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Jay Feely (K, Undrafted in 1999, Arizona Cardinals):

The rumblings that Feely's job may be in jeopardy after week two's game against the Cowboys (in which Feely missed an easy 30 yarder) turned out to be true this past week when the Cardinals signed kicker Dan Carpenter. Carpenter started the game against the Chargers but had his only field goal attempt blocked from 26 yards. Feely played the second half and kicked an extra point on Arizona's only touchdown of the game. Jay didn't attempt any field goals and failed to get touchbacks on his two kickoffs. That ended up being enough for Feely to win his first competition for the starting job, as the Cardinals released Carpenter the day after the game. But I say first competition since it's likely Arizona continues to search for another kicker.

Kenny Demens (ILB, Undrafted in 2013, Arizona Cardinals):

I have to start by saying Demens did not disappear last week, even though I thought he did. Kenny played nine snaps two weeks ago against the Cowboys, and he didn't see any action last week against the Chargers. That doesn't look all that good for Kenny's future, but he survived the Cardinals cutting their roster down to 75 men (he's third string on their depth chart as of now). It's still a long shot that Demens makes the final 53-man roster, but his performance in the final preseason game (assuming he plays) should have implications in terms of whether or not he earns his way onto the practice squad.

Alan Branch (DT, 33rd in 2007 to Cardinals, Buffalo Bills):

Branch continued to pick up his pace in the preseason as he had another solid outing against the Redskins last Saturday. On 23 defensive snaps, Alan recorded one solo tackle and one assist. Up until this week, it's seemed like Branch needed to battle and earn a spot as a backup. But now, he's listed second string on the Bills depth chart and is being projected to make the 53-man roster.

Craig Roh (DE, Undrafted in 2013, Carolina Panthers)

It doesn't look like Craig's done much in the last two week's of preseason and that might as well guarantee him not making the Panthers 53-man roster. However, some still project him making the practice squad, so we'll have to wait and see.

Leon Hall (CB, 18th in 2007 to Bengals, Cincinnati Bengals):

Hall received more playing time against the Cowboys last week, recording two solo tackles on 39 defensive snaps. While his job isn't in jeopardy, it seems that his play wasn't as good as it should've been versus Dallas. According to the Cincy Jungle, Hall was "burned at times" and his "tackling ability...seemed suspect." As Cincy's defensive leader, Hall needs to perform better for his team to succeed.

Roy Roundtree (WR, Undrafted in 2013, Cincinnati Bengals):

Like Demens, Roundtree survived the Bengals trimming to 75 players after doing basically nothing in last week's game against the Cowboys. Roy played on two offensive snaps and the one pass thrown his way ended up being an interception. He's still listed as "Other" (i.e. lower than third string) on the Bengals depth chart, so it seems unlikely for him to make the 53-man roster. But the fact that he's still around increases his chances at making the practice squad.

Tim Jamison (DE, Undrafted in 2009, Houston Texans):

Jamison continues to do little on paper as his only stat from last Sunday against the Saints was a 5-yard neutral zone infraction penalty. Tim started the game in place of suspended Antonio Smith and played on 42% of defensive and 7% of special teams snaps. His spot on the roster is still safe, and even though he's "playing" according to his coach, the other backup defensive end, Jared Crick, seems to be outplaying Jamison. Tim needs to up his game in order to possibly break into the starting lineup if injuries and suspensions persist.

Chad Henne (QB, 57th in 2008 to Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars):

Getting the nod over the injured Blaine Gabbert, Henne didn't do much with his opportunity. Chad played one drive into the third quarter, throwing for 106 yards on 11 of 18 passing with two touchdowns and one interception. He also had two rushing attempts for five yards. After starting strong (with an 90-yard touchdown drive to start the game), Henne's performance dropped as the game wore on and overall, he looked "inconsistent." He'll have "one more tuneup" as a starter of about 10 to 15 plays in the preseason finale before resuming his backup role to Gabbert, who is on track to start the season.

Denard Robinson (RB/OW, 135th in 2013 to Jaguars, Jacksonville Jaguars):

The optimism for Denard's rookie season was higher coming into the game against the Eagles than when it ended. Robinson was outplayed by fellow reserve back Jordan Todman, who ran for 105 yards and one touchdown on eight carries. On the other hand, Denard managed 33 yards on seven attempts and one pass was thrown his way (which fell incomplete). The Jaguars also used him as a kick returner, where he took one knee and returned another for 25 yards. Overall, Denard's looking patient, more than some expected, but he still has work to do, especially in the Wildcat formation which hasn't worked well yet. Hopefully he finds a role in the Jags offense, but some don't see it happening due to the fact that Denard's "not as powerful as [starter Maurice Jones-Drew] and not as elusive as Todman."

Junior Hemingway (WR, 238th in 2012 to Chiefs, Kansas City Chiefs):

Hemingway helped the Chiefs, and, more importantly, himself last Saturday against the Steelers, as Junior caught three passes for 29 yards and one touchdown. Hemingway fumbled after one of his three catches but recovered the ball himself. He was targeted five more times, but each throw fell incomplete. Overall, he played on almost half of the offensive snaps - 37 snaps - as well as eight special teams snaps. Since he survived the first round of roster cuts, it looks hopeful that Hemingway makes the Chiefs roster, especially since he continues to see time on special teams. However, nothing's set in stone, and he needs to get healthy so he can continue to stand out in the final preseason game.

Jordan Kovacs (S, Undrafted in 2013, Miami Dolphins):

Kovacs's unlikely chance at making the Dolphins 53-man roster all but ended this past week with Jordan not being able to practice or play against the Bucs. He still remains a possible choice for the practice squad, but that's likely his ceiling at this point.

Tom Brady (QB, 199th in 2000 to Patriots, New England Patriots):

If you missed it, the Lions embarrassed (as much as you can in the preseason, that is) the Patriots last Thursday by a score of 40-9. Brady had his worst start of the year, throwing for 185 yards on 16 of 24 passing. He was unable to find the endzone and threw his first interception of the preseason. It's funny that the Lions shutdown the Belichick-Brady combination, but it's only the preseason. Remember Thanksgiving 2010? The only downside to the loss (other than the poor play) is that Brady will likely play in the preseason finale, something he normally doesn't do. Tom expects to play and hopes to "finish strong." Oh, and he's also on the brink of rising even further up the ranks of greatest NFL quarterbacks.

Zoltan Mesko (P, 150th in 2010 to Patriots, New England Patriots):

After taking the lead against rookie punter Ryan Allen last week, Mesko cemented himself back in the starting role Thursday against the Lions, booting four punts for an average of 43 yards with a long of 53. Allen only punted once for 53 yards. Barring injury, Zoltan seems to have at least one more year as starting punter and holder in New England.

Elliott Mealer (C, Undrafted in 2013, New Orleans Saints):

After playing on only two special teams snaps last week against the Texans, Mealer's time in New Orleans seems to be running out. He survived the first roster cuts but hasn't earned consistent playing time. It doesn't look good for Elliott as a Saint moving forward, and he may be joining former Saint Steve Breaston in free agency any day now.

David Baas (C, 33rd in 2005 to 49ers, New York Giants):

Baas is still battling damage to his MCL, and he didn't play last week. The good news is that he's "working hard and feeling better every day."

Stevie Brown (S, 251st in 2010 to Raiders, New York Giants):

Last week, I said that all Brown had to do was stay healthy since he's already locked up the starting safety job. So I jinxed him and he sustained a season-ending torn ACL against the Jets. It happened as he intercepted a pass late in the first quarter. It's sad to see Brown - who was poised to build on his breakout 2012 campaign - suffer an injury like this in the preseason.

Ryan Mundy (S, 194th in 2008 to Steelers, New York Giants):

Exit Brown. Enter Mundy. Ryan will get a chance to start for the Giants this season with Brown out for the year. He played on 41 defensive and 9 special teams snaps against the Jets, recording two solo tackles with one assist. Mundy had this to say in regards to his new starting job and Brown's injury:

"It's always an unfortunate situation when you see a good player and also your friend go down with an unfortunate injury. This is a situation I'm familiar with, stepping in for guys when they go down and I'm excited about it. It's a great opportunity and I look forward to making the most of it."

Braylon Edwards (WR, 3rd in 2005 to Browns, New York Jets):

Struggling with a leg injury and his days in New York numbered, Edwards was released by the Jets on Monday. It's unfortunate for Braylon, but his play has been declining for the last few years and the move was expected. As of now, it's unclear if anybody's interested in Edwards other than the guys over at Turf Show Times (the St. Louis Rams blog).

David Harris (ILB, 47th in 2007 to Jets, New York Jets):

After a disappointing game in week two, Harris bounced back to lead the Jets defense in holding the Giants to ten points. David led the team with seven solo tackles, and his play is crucial to the success of the Jets defense this year. As Harris put it, the Jets D "flustered" the Giants.

William Campbell (RG, 178th in 2013 to Jets, New York Jets):

Like Craigh Roh, Campbell hasn't done much in the preseason for the Jets, and his future with the team is in jeopardy because of it. It's unclear what the Jets will do, and like a few other Wolverines, the practice squad or free agency are likely the only two outcomes for Campbell.

Charles Woodson (FS, 4th in 1998 to Raiders, Oakland Raiders):

Same as last week, there's nothing to report on the Charles Woodson front. Just like Tom Brady is Tom Brady, Charles Woodson is Charles Woodson, and at this point, he needs the regular season to start before he suffers the same fate as Stevie Brown. Against the Bears last week, Woodson recorded two solo tackles, and I'm sure his playing time will be diminished to almost nothing in the preseason finale.

Jason Avant (WR, 109th in 2006 to Eagles, Philadelphia Eagles):

Avant continued to impress last week against the Jaguars, hauling in three receptions for 36 yards. Two weeks ago he had the "the best hands in the NFC East," but due to a one-handed snag this week, he's since earned the title of "best hands in the NFL" (This comes from the eyes of Eagles fans, and I'm sure Lions fans would have a slightly different opinion...cough...Megatron). Avant seems to be locked into the third receiver spot, and I'd be surprised if that changed prior to the start of the regular season.

Brandon Graham (LB, 13th in 2010 to Eagles, Philadelphia Eagles):

Graham still has work to do as he switches to linebacker (especially when dropping into coverage). However, he didn't seem to disappoint this week against the Jags as he created some pressure in the backfield without being dropped into coverage. He'll need to limit his mistakes and show that he's capable of playing linebacker, because if he performs poorly enough in the last preseason game, there's always the chance the Eagles decide to cut him (even though it's a long shot that happens).

Larry Foote (ILB, 128th in 2002 to Steelers, Pittsburgh Steelers):

After knocking his teammate Isaac Redman around in practice last week, Foote continued to mess with his teammates this week after taunting rookie Jarvis Jones, calling him "soft" in regards to an injury that looked serious but ended up being nothing more than the wind getting knocked out of him. As for his play, Foote recorded one solo tackle with three assists against the Chiefs last week.

LaMarr Woodley (OLB, 46th in 2007 to Steelers, Pittsburgh Steelers):

Every one keeps talking about Woodley's weight transformation, but LaMarr disagrees that added pounds had anything to do with his mediocre 2012 campaign. Regardless, his teammate Ryan Clark - who Woodley trained with in the off-season - is impressed with Woodley's conditioning, saying that he's "never seen [LaMarr] look so good." The training seems to help as Woodley recorded two solo tackles with a forced fumble - the aforementioned Junior Hemingway fumble - against the Chiefs last week.

David Molk (C, 226th in 2012 to Chargers, San Diego Chargers):

With the backup spot secured, Molk saw his playing time decrease last week against the Cardinals. This much is expected in the third game of the preseason since the starters gain more playing time. Molk ended up playing on 20 (or 27% of) offensive snaps.

Jonas Mouton (ILB, 61st in 2011 to Chargers, San Diego Chargers):

Season-ending torn ACL suffered on the first day of training camp.

Stephen Schilling (RG, 201st in 2011 to Chargers, San Diego Chargers):

Schilling seems to be in the same boat as Molk as he is currently listed as backup right guard on the Chargers depth chart. He received diminished playing time, but about as much as Molk: 17 (or 23% of) offensive snaps.

Jonathan Goodwin (C, 154th in 2002 to Jets, San Francisco 49ers):

Goodwin saw only 17 snaps last week against the Cardinals, and backup Dan Kilgore continues to pressure him for the starting spot (for comparison, he played for 37 offensive and 6 special teams snaps). Out of all the offensive starters, Goodwin was the first pulled from the game, and this has some speculating that his future in San Francisco could be up in the air.

Mario Manningham (WR, 95th in 2008 to Giants, San Francisco 49ers):

On the PUP list until at least week 6 of the regular season.

Patrick Omameh (G, Undrafted in 2013, San Francisco 49ers):

Surprisingly, Omameh received a good amount of playing time last week against the Cardinals: 35 offensive and 2 special teams snaps. He survived the first round of roster cuts, but the practice squad remains the best-case scenario for Patrick as he received a down arrow for his play last week.

Jake Long (LT, 1st in 2008 to Dolphins, St. Louis Rams):

Same ol' lack of news on the Jake Long front. He started and played football last week against the Denver Broncos.

Mike Martin (DT, 82nd in 2012 to Titans, Tennessee Titans):

After doing nothing in week two, Martin recorded one tackle and one sack against the Falcons last week. His strong play coupled with the fact that he's listed second on the Titans depth chart bodes well for his chances to make the Titans 53-man roster.

Martell Webb (TE, Undrafted in 2011, Tennessee Titans):

It comes as no surprise to report that the Titans released Martell Webb in the first wave of roster cuts. He has yet to see NFL action, and hopefully he can find it elsewhere.