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Saturday Open Thread

It is the first full Saturday of college football, so you'd better get comfortable on that couch.

Dave Reginek

Ladies and gentlemen, the day is upon us as college football season once again begins and we all basically become hermits on Saturday because the sun is overrated anyway and there is this game between two mid-level ACC teams that I could be watching instead of going to lunch or whatever.

There is a full day of football, so let's make sure we have all our bases covered. First, the main event:

Michigan vs Central Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI

Big Ten Network, 3:30pm EST

Need to know more about the Chippewas? Be sure to check out Hustle Belt, the best damn MAC blog in the land.

Did we talk about the game at all here? You bet we did:

- Q&A with Ron Balaskovitz of Hustle Belt, plus our answers to his questions.

- What We Need To See by Anthony Mammel, laying out the important questions in Michigan's first game.

- Game One Preview; UM-CMU by me, wherein I look at Central and come away with the clear impression that Michigan should win and win comfortably.

Of course we aren't the only ones to preview the game. MGoBlog previewed it in typically excellent fashion, as did Touch The Banner. BWS continues with the weird wet owl thing, which someone is eventually going to need to explain to me. Also, if you have a couple hours to kill, I would highly suggest you take the time to soak up every bit of MGoBlog's exhaustive preview of the 2013 season, which sets a pretty high bar for season previews and is worth every second.

If you're still looking for something to kill the time before the game, I wrote a thing talking about how much I like all of you and the rest of the guys that write here, and how that is part of what drives me to even do this in the first place. Also, our old friend and contributor Holdin' the Rope does his preseason thing.

In other college football news, our new contributors ZoobyQ previews this week's slate of games. If you are still undecided about what to watch, here are a few suggestions:

- At 5:30 — hopefully about the time Michigan has fully put CMU to sleep — you can flip over and watch someone else open their season against Alabama and laugh uncomfortably because you've been there. Enjoy it a little extra if you're like me and two of your roommates are VT grads.

- At 8:00 you can watch what should be a really good game between Georgia and Clemson with the full knowledge that at some point one of these teams is going to horribly blow it, and you get to watch the meltdown.

- At 9:00 LSU kicks off against TCU for what should be another interesting matchup. An hour later it'll be Boise St-Washington or Northwestern-Cal. Lots of good late night football.

If there is something we didn't cover here, let me know in the comments. Otherwise, enjoy the games and be sure to drop by and let us know what you think of this first glorious day of college football action.