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Week In Review Calls Them "Ohio"

The Michigan Athletic Department tried to take away everyone's seat cushions (sorry, "kneeling pads"), and like some kind of belligerent, torch-bearing mob, the fan base sprung to action to save their precious square foot of foam. Brady Hoke bounced around the ESPN family of networks and programs to remind people he is in fact not Matt Foley, and consume free food.

Jamie Sabau

That Team Down South. Ohio State won 12 games last year. They did not go to a bowl game. Their star running back is under investigation for assault, and the man in charge is facing skepticism on his discipline practices (again). Michigan will see a likely very angry Buckeye team after Thanksgiving, and that could be terrifying. Our frenemies at Land Grant Holy Land have some insight into year two of Urban Meyer (synopsis: Braxton Miller will be good). Objectively, Ohio State is the odds-on favorite to win the conference, but Michigan will have something to say about that. Also, Meyer and Hoke will likely be engaged in a recruiting tug-of-war for years to come, like the Hapsburgs and Montagues...or something. It is also not good if the Buckeyes' toughest road game this year is against a team not named Michigan, is Northwestern.

Nevertheless, they're beatable just like Michigan, but will it be Michigan who lays Meyer away, or Mighty Michigan falling to the Dark Side? Should one decide to venture across the state line the next time Michigan visits Columbus, Land Grant Holy Grand has a list of places to go where Buckeye fans are a bit more civil.

Side note: What do you call an eighth grader who is 18 years old? A Buckeye.

The Classics of "The Game." A selection of games from the "Ten-Year War" are the focus of Hokester's list, but the number of games in the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry that weren't classics can be counted on one hand. The apex came in 2006 when the teams were ranked numbers one and two in the polls, which had never happened. It's the only game in the series that was also a Michigan loss, that I will still watch. 2006 was Michigan's best team in a decade, and Ohio State, with all due credit, was equally awesome. Bo Schembechler had passed the night before, and Michigan wanted that game more than anything. It ended the wrong way, but that's a piece of Michigan lore I'll carry until the end of my days, as they say.

Obligatory Hype Video:

Michigan's 2015 Class Already Has More Five Stars Than Everyone. Michigan's new recruiting strategy now consists of holding elaborate barbecues and having five-star recruits instantly commit to the football or basketball program. Two of those men, Damien Harris and George Campbell, are now Michigan Men. I bet they had ribs, or ribs inside of subs, or sub-flavored spareribs. It was crazy, of course.

Extra Credit. Brady Hoke talking with Joe Tessitore and Desmond Howard.