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There Are Ernest Shazor Days To Michigan Football

Waiting for the opening Saturday of college football is agonizing. All we want is 13 weeks of Brent Musberger "pardner" one-liners, the buzz of Michigan Stadium in late November, and jokes about the Bowl Championship Series. Fear not, bleary-eyed traveler. This is a continuing series intended to get through the long, hot summer and back to the glory of football season.

Gregory Shamus

In the pantheon of fine Michigan tacklers, Ernest Shazor has his own wing. The Shazor School of Tackling teaches that if an opposing ball carrier steps within two yards of Ernest Shazor, said opponent shall either (a) be transformed into a pancake, (b) instantly lose the ball that was seconds ago in his hands or (c) both of the above. Shazor was the man who made many a game-saving tackle, or, in the case of Michigan's trip to Purdue in 2004, he won the game with one final hit.