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Quick notes from Brady Hoke's first fall press conference

Thanks to the wonders of, we can watch Brady Hoke speak about the beginning of fall practice. Here are the big developments from day one. Watch the whole presser here.

Gregory Shamus

- Dennis Norfleet will be playing the slot receiver, which Brady Hoke mentioned will open up a lot more opportunities for Norfleet to get the ball. Michigan is also short on slot receivers this year

- Fitzgerald Toussaint and Blake Countess both looked 100% healthy in the first day of practice.

- The freshmen aren't fully involved yet in practice due to classes, which will keep them occupied for another few days. It is valuable having the seniors there to help coach and guide the freshmen through early practices because a lot more can be addressed, and the freshmen can learn from someone who has been in the program.

- Hoke gives a coachspeak answer regarding Shane Morris's first day, mentioning that he "made a couple good throws and had some throws maybe you'd like a better decision". Likely a rough first day for the freshman, but with a couple glances of the talent he brings.

- Jake Ryan is running, but no contact.

- Chris Wormley is nearly a year removed from his surgery, and Hoke expects him to be a factor this year.

- When asked about Amara Darboh and Jehu Chesson, Hoke gives a non-answer that first brings up the four upperclassmen receivers, then says that nobody was perfect today (including the coaches) before praising those two as long receivers that can run. If there is a real answer somewhere in there, I don't know where to find it.

- Cam Gordon will be ready to step up this season, and he is acting as a leader this year.

- Injuries are a freak thing that you can't plan for but you try to prevent with the right training. Still, Gardner won't take contact.

- Wed, and Thurs will be shoulder pads and helmets. Friday is full pads.

- The coaches will go over the new targeting rules with the player.

- Dymonte Thomas will help give some depth to the safety position. Corner is deep with guys like Courtney Avery, Delonte Hollowell, Ross Douglass, Raymon Taylor, and Countess. Safety is perhaps the one position where the lack of depth is most troubling, so having Thomas work there should help alleviate some concerns.

- Jourdan Lewis and Channing Stribling are both in the mix to be punt returners.