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Michigan Lacrosse: The Recruiting Continues

In the midst of football recruiting news and the impending season, the Michigan lacrosse team is also looking to bolster its future with recruits of its own.


Michigan was able to pick up a couple more verbal commitments for lacrosse recently, one of them being the first commit for 2016 in Crey Bankes, a defender out of the Blake School in Minneapolis. Here's a quick interview on why he chose Michigan over the likes of Bucknell, Marquette, and Ohio State. You can also check out some video of his game here and here. I'm not seeing anything that is overly impressive from these videos as far as his skills as a defender. However, it does look as though he has some pretty good speed, which means he should be helpful on clears and just getting around in the defensive zone. It's important (for me) to keep in mind that he's a 2016 and that the videos probably don't cover the full scope of his ability; he could be a good addition. We'll see what he looks like in two and a half years.

The second verbal came from...

You can read a short interview with Reynolds here. At 6' 0" and 190 pounds he has good size to maneuver around the crease without getting too dinged. Watching his highlights shows that he has speed, physicality, and he can also score from any number of angles. Although the list of schools he visited doesn't have the powerhouse names that you would expect (the most prominent D-1 programs he visited were Brown and Lehigh), I don't think that one can necessarily read anything into that. This is still a very good get for the Wolverines. Check out his videos here and here.

And, if Brady Hoke needs a little more help on the football field, there's this...