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Tuesday B1G Blog Roundup Has Schadenfreude Bookends

Wow, I'm tired! After the long trip to the game on Saturday and sleeping about four hours between Friday and Sunday, my return to Madison will see me attempt this week's SBN B1G blog roundup. Any inaccuracies can be attributed to sleep deprivation.

Gregory Shamus

There was football again this weekend, which is good. We love football. However, it was sort of a ho-hum weekend. The teams who were supposed to win did win, and then there was still Iowa and Purdue (yes, Iowa won, but...), so the B1G blog reaction is pretty mundane this week. Yet, there's this...

Michigan State 21, South Florida 6: since the Spartans' offense has been pretty Spartan this year, they've apparently decided to stick with the defense for the remainder of the year. I mean, the MSU offense scored 7 points; USF scored 6. I'd say that Sparty's offense is abysmal, but there must be a word that signifies something worse than abysmal. Perhaps the more appropriate description of MSU's O is that they are now a singularity. Said singularity is detailed here by Chris Vannini. Next up for Sparty: Youngstown State.

Penn State 45, Eastern Michigan 7: apparently, this game is cause for some concern. Or is it? Seriously, though, this was against Eastern, so I don't have that much to say on this. However, it would be nice if BSD would make up their minds as to what this game meant. Next up for Penn State: Central Florida.

(21) Wisconsin 48, Tennessee Tech 0: this is another match-up that has little in the way of recap, and really no place for snark. Bucky beat a team he should have beaten, so this is pretty vanilla. However, you can read about Joel Stave's progress and some of the other positives and negatives over at Bucky's 5th Quarter. Next up for Wisconsin: @ Arizona State.

Illinois 45, Cincinnati 17: yep, that score was double checked. Beating a team that destroyed Purdue, and doing it in a convincing manner, has made some of the Illini faithful reevaluate their expectations.You can also check out some highlights (yeah, I said highlights) over at the Champaign Room. Nathan Scheelhaase seems to be finally stepping into the QB he was supposed to be in the new Bill Cubit offense. On a more sobering note, Munchie Legaux left the game in the fourth quarter with a horrific leg injury. Everyone, regardless of team affiliation, wishes the young man a speedy and full recovery. Get all information on Munchie at Down the Drive. Next up for Illinois: Washington (Soldier Field).

Iowa 28, Missouri State 14: the Hawkeyes finally won a game, but they had to sweat it out first. Seriously, Iowa, you had to sweat it out against Missouri State? I'm so glad I wasn't born in Iowa.

Purdue 20, Indiana State 14: it's never a good thing when your best comment regarding the weekend's win is, ""a win is a win", but I guess that's what it's always like to be a Purdue fan. Hammer and Rails also goes over the real problem behind Purdue's issues here. Next up for the Boilermakers: Notre Dame.

(3) Ohio State 42, San Diego State 7: this was definitely more convincing than barely getting by Buffalo, but at a bit of a cost with Braxton Miller leaving with a knee early in the game. Ted Glover over at Land Grant Holy Land takes a look at the stock performance of the Buckeyes, and there is a recap of Saturday's game here. Next up for Ohio State: Cal

(19) Northwestern 48, Syracuse 27: broadcaster bragging rights go to the Wildcats. As with last week, the guys over at Sippin' on Purple were quite measured with their predictions going into the game. Then, here and here, some of the measured tones get turned up to 11. With the way they've been playing, and with weak opponents the next couple of weeks, is anyone else getting scurred? Next up for the Wildcats: Western Michigan.

Indiana 35, Navy 41: I predicted an Indiana loss in my Hoosiers' schedule preview, and it's one of the few things about which I've been accurate. Crimson Quarry recapped last year's game against the Midshipmen, made a bold prediction for Saturday's game, and then realized that they can't have nice things. Hey, at least you weren't Texas (good luck with that new DC, Longhorns)! Next up for the Hoosiers: Bowling Green.

(22) Nebraska 56, Southern Miss 13: check out the Huskers' report card over at Corn Nation. The Blackshirts clearly made some improvements over last week's let-down-but-win against Wyoming. Next for Nebraska: UCLA.

Minnesota 44, New Mexico State 21: the Gophers are getting better, and looked pretty good in the running game this week. All in all, they did what they were supposed to do: beat one of the worst teams in CFB history. So, the blog feedback on this one is predictably thin. Next up for the Gophers: Western Illinois.

(17) Michigan 41, (14) Notre Dame 30: I didn't cover Michigan in last week's blog post, because it seems a little self serving, but I just can't help it this week. Stick around Maize n Brew and read all of the great work about this match-up. One Foot Down recognizes that Devin Gardner was unbelievable Saturday night. How does it make them feel?