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The Brewskis: Notre Dame Edition

Man, what a great game. Another not-quite-classic win for Michigan. Nothing against 2009, 10, and 11, but I liked winning by more than one score NOT at the last second. Without that pick-six this would have been a comfortable victory, right?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The I'm F*ing my Brother, He's Missing, And He Lost a Hand, My Son Sucks, My Other Brother's a Dwarf But Still Owns, My Family's In Debt, I'm Losing A War, and Dragons Be Coming Award:

Given to the angriest among us. Googling "Brian Kelly Yelling at Tommy Rees" yields 687,000 results. Clearly, Brian Kelly, this Brewski's for you.

The Complete Opposite Of That Award


Kanye's Shout Out Of The Week:

The Beyonce of the Week Award:

In the upset of the week, the MMB edges Beyonce on this one. Oh fine, I'll call it a tie. Did anyone else have to leave the room when Beyonce said "Go Blue!"?


I'm actually not sure why I have this in my game notes. Anyone help me out? Probably having something to do with Tommy Rees.

The Matt Besler Man of the Match Award:

This was a tough one. I think the honor goes to Notre Dame OC Chuck Martin, who got scared after two third-down stuffs in the first quarter and handed Tommy Rees 51 passing attempts. Yeah, that works for me. For those of you wondering why Devin Gardner didn't win this, watch the video in the title.

The We Actually Have A Community Award:

Nicely done, folks. 644 (!) comments as of this posting - and the MUCH ANTICIPATED COMMENT OF THE WEEK GOES TO: fiendishdr.wu for both his amazing Black Dynamite username and the first (and only) OT gif of the night. Come on folks, we need more GIFS. Step it up.


The Big Stage Award:

You know you've arrived when the great folks at NMAWorld (the Taiwanese animators) make us a video. I'm so glad Michigan's finally been recognized as a major university.


Thanks Purple Glop. So, so good.

Text Of The Week Award:

"There is no God" - a disgruntled Chargers fan at 3am this morning after his home team's epic collapse. Made better because I woke up to it.