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What We Need to See: Michigan vs Akron

Michigan welcomes the Akron Zips to Ann Arbor after sending Notre Dame home with a loss. What can the Wolverines show against this MAC team?

Michigan needs another receiver to go with star Jeremy Gallon
Michigan needs another receiver to go with star Jeremy Gallon
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Dominate in Clean Fashion

This game won't be close and Michigan knows it. That being said, the team knows it should win without giving the coaches anything to worry about heading into the final non-conference matchup with Connecticut. Devin Gardner can't turn the ball over; another interception against a poor defense would be a huge red flag.

The rest of the team needs to be mentally prepared, as well. Dennis Norfleet needs to use his instincts when fielding punts, and the defense has to continue to work on its disguises and deep coverages. Just don't give Brady Hoke something to scream about after the game.

Win at the Line of Scrimmage

Michigan should win the battle up front with ease on both sides of the ball. The interior of the offensive line should be blowing people off of the ball, and blitzes should be picked up with relative ease.

The same goes for the defensive line, which gave up far too many gashing runs to Notre Dame. A game against Akron gives the maulers a chance to work on their gap control and technique without being exposed.

Throw the Rock to Chesson

Two games, no touches. That's the stat line of redshirt freshman Jehu Chesson so far this season. Chesson is a great blocker and can also occupy free safeties to help Jeremy Gallon, but he needs to show that he can get separation and get some looks from Devin Gardner. Michigan can't afford to put all of its money on Jeremy Gallon if it wants to run the table before facing Ohio State. Three straight games without a touch won't be a good sign for Chesson.

More Snaps for Morris

Shane Morris' redshirt is burnt, so why not get him into the game as much as possible? The young signal caller will most likely be Michigan's stater in 2014 and he still doesn't see the field nearly as well as he should. Getting him plenty of scrimmage-quality snaps against Akron will help his development and could save Michigan somewhere down the line.


Overall, there isn't much we really need to see from the team going into the weekend. Michigan just needs to dominate every phase of the game without coughing up the ball and it will be considered a success. Another real test won't come until Michigan plays at Penn State.