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Friday Michigan Football Recruiting Roundup Goes All WWE On You

FRR updates you on the very latest Michigan football recruiting rumblings. Is Da'Shawn Hand in the right sport? Which Michigan commitments are impressing on the field? That and more.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Da'Shawn Hand Is The Destroyer

Most five-star prospects won't ever make it onto SportsCenter during their high school career. That's not the case for Da'Shawn Hand, who earned the number eight spot on SC's top ten with this crazy play:


He even asked the camera man "Did you get that?" because he knew it was that awesome. Hand might want to consider wrestling as a backup career option.

Speight Continues to Impress

Just a few months ago I didn't think Wilton Speight had a snowball's chance in hell at starting over Shane Morris in 2014. Performances like this–the kind that Morris rarely produced in high school–are forcing me to reconsider:

Don't get me wrong, Shane Morris is the probable starter in 2014 if Devin Gardner takes his talents to the NFL, but Speight will be closer in the running that I originally thought. He's more accurate than Morris and clearly knows how to take care of the football; the battle over the coming years will be very intriguing.

More from UTL II

Night games in Ann Arbor seem to produce endless positive hype for Michigan in the recruiting world. Here's skyscraper tight end Ian Bunting with some commitments and targets:

And here's Da'Shawn Hand giving props to the student section:

You can find more pictures of Hand on his visit here. He's not going to Alabama or Florida.

General Notes and Multimedia Items

Michigan has offered 2015 SDE Byron Cowart($). The four-star Florida prospect holds offers from the likes of Alabama, Florida, Auburn and Clemson, so getting him out of the black hole known as the South won't be easy.

Class of 2015 QB prospect Brady White had a massive performance this past weekend, throwing for 490(!) yards and 7 touchdowns in a high school game. Yikes. Highlights:

Keep your eyes on this one.

Tom VH makes an interesting point about the Eagles:

Some wide receivers and tight ends are scared off by the spread in college because they believe they won't see the ball enough or learn the right system to become a professional. What was once a strong stigma has been weakened over time, and soon it might be gone altogether.