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Saturday Open Thread: Don't...Get...Hurt!

I mean it, don't get hurt today!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Another Saturday, and if it weren't for our favorite team playing at noon, I would recommend another day of sleeping in. However, Michigan has another MAC team to destroy:

Michigan vs Akron

Ann Arbor, MI

12:00 Eastern, BTN

Poor Zips. Since you dropped by Maize n Brew, check out our various previews of today's game. Seriously, they're really good and the guys put a lot of hard work into discussing AKRON, for cryin' out loud! Besides, the posts are going to be more exciting than the game, so:

  • Check out Kevin Bunkley's First Look of the game, and follow his advice at the end of the post.
  • Anthony Mammel details What We Need to See from Michigan this weekend. Second stringers, anyone?
  • Zach has a Q&A with the Hustle Belt in which they discuss a little bit of the history of Akron's recent woes, and what would need to happen for the Zips to pull this one out of their asses.
  • Zach also has a preview of the match-up here.
  • The most important post of them all? Beer.

- As usual, MGoBlog does their top-notch work and does a preview of the game, too, in which Brian mentions the (merciful) absence of In the Big House. Touch the Banner takes a good look at the opposing units in Saturday's game, and has another list of visitors. Really? These kids had nothing better to do today? I mean, I'm glad they're visiting, but...

- As for other games on today's slate, you can check out my quick preview of the rest of the B1G here. There's also some game between Texas A&M and Alabama at 3:30 Eastern. If you're like me and completely Manziel-ed out, watch the Tennessee/Oregon match-up at the same time on CBS. Tennessee doesn't stand a chance, but if you have any loyalty to the state of Michigan, root for the Vols' head coach and Saugatuck native, Butch Jones. Other than that, it's pretty clear that the B1G/PAC-12 match-ups will carry the day.

- Here's a random song for the day that also happens to be a great driving song. Don't worry, Zach, it's not INXS.

With that, enjoy the day's games, and Go Blue!