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Week Three - Akron Coaching Points

Quick look at some thoughts of Michigan vs Akron from a coaching perspective. Find these tweets and more by following Space Coyote on Twitter.

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First Half

  • Fitz is trying very hard to run patiently and let the blocking form. But needs to start making plays outside the call.
  • Missed an early cut back to the backside A gap when frontside blocking got beat to playside on zone stretch. Backside A gap not intended cut back on play call.
  • This is what I mean by creating outside of the play. It may not be in the play design, but sometimes you have to use instincts.
  • Tried to be patient and read blocks too much at other times. Needs to press the edge better rather than letting defenders dictate for him.
  • On Fitz's first successful run, looked like a pin and pull zone. An interesting wrinkle likely a call by OL because of DL front.
  • Akron reading zone run and getting hat playside of OL hat. Inside zone would be nice addition to offense.
  • Butt played a lot more Y-TE with Funchess at UB today. Trying to help Funchess in blocking w/o Williams in. Able to rep Butt at Y w/ week to prepare.
  • Hate the hold call on Butt. Regardless, that hold is because interior OL didn't get push and didn't keep DE from pinching hole. Bounce because of OL causes hold.
  • Gardner certainly did not read anyone on that speed option. DE never waivered from QB. Pitch would have been huge play, probably TD.
  • DG going to the reverse escape way too often. Could have easily escaped arm side, instead loses ground and keeps DL in his face. Also could have side-stepped and stepped into pocket.
  • DG needs to do better protecting the football when he gets outside the pocket. Holds ball in one hand away from body too often.
  • Borges really likes middle screens to TEs and slots. Think only comfortable with Fitz on flare screen at this point. RB screens are all about feel and timing.
  • Michigan likes the Y-stick play. Easy read, Fitz makes nice run after catch.
  • Akron's LBs really struggle to get eyes out of backfield and find zone drops or pick up receiver in man. Borges will exploit later if needed.
  • Pass to Houma is probably the biggest staple pass of the WCO. They will run it with Houma more often than not.
  • Chuck Long is exactly right on "out of rhythm" on the INT. That timing was for the TE, but still went to slant. Late pass.
  • 1st play second drive, both DTs in A gaps. Blew up center and prevented any traps or pulls. Interesting wrinkle.
  • DEs doing a good job beating their blocker inside on stunts, DTs doing a poor job of getting wide and upfield so that pressure runs QB into them. QB able to escape.
  • DL is being pushed to get pressure. Failed to recognize OL screen release several times tho. Need to be more aware and follow OL out.
  • Michigan has no pass rush as a unit. They stunt and get a guy in the face or they get around the edge. But the rest of the unit fails to do job.
  • A pass rush is never about a single guy doing his job. 1v1 wins allow the rest of the unit to make plays, but the rest of the unit needs to do job to be in that position.
  • Think Dileo is PR on punts near endzone because of decision making. Norfleet normal punt returner.
2nd Half
  • Lot of the same problems as the first half. Pass rush as a unit. Etc.
  • Michigan probably ran the z-snag or y-stick route concept 4 or 5 times today.
  • NT should never be off the field for Michigan except 3rd and long. Just my opinion right now.
  • Corners on the outside got caught a little flat footed at times. I think Avery back as NB on obvious passing downs.
  • The 3rd CB for Michigan has been consistent on outside, and great at tackling. But need help over the top right now.
  • This is why Michigan needs to establish a run game. Gardner was off all game with his timing. Running timing rarely gets off.
  • Michigan needs to get tighter in their zone coverages. Still a little too much playing an area and not getting on a man. Happened to Ss and LBs.
  • This is likely why Michigan started going man more often late. Couldn't afford to keep Akron on the field.
  • The hold on Gallon was Fitz's fault. Have to cut that up off the WR. Don't put him in that position.
  • Akron 100% played better than Michigan today. No doubt about it. Deserved to win that game.
  • The important thing is to escape with a win. That game wasn't representative of Michigan football. Onto the next one.
  • Both Borges and GMatt tried a lot of different things. Neither side of the ball could be consistent with anything.
  • FWIW, the one Akron TD was a miss-communication. Lewis and Taylor both followed outside. Way to play that is press on middle receiver, Taylor takes inside, Lewis outside. Taylor blew coverage because it was bunch and they rubbed
  • Whole DL needs to be much more disruptive at the point. LBs being forced to fill huge holes. Not recipe for good run D.
  • When a man comes into your zone you need to cover him, then pass and cover next to come in. Don't wait for something to happen.
  • Scheme is part of it and Mattison is trying to find the balance. Trying to put D in position to succeed. Struggling to find it
  • My biggest complaint about Fitz is that he needs to add a quick cut to his game. A 45 degree shift. He has a good jump cut, and a decent start-stop cut that he can use in space. But he uses the start-stop and jump cut in the backfield when trying to read blocks and takes him too long to get back down field to his cutback lanes.
    Remember, these are quick initial reactions that were made off a single viewing. It may not be perfect, but gives you an idea of what I saw. Remember, you can follow me on twitter @SpaceCoyoteBDS.

    Even if it doesn't feel like it, it was a win. Go Blue!