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Tuesday B1G Blog Roundup: The Jager Hund-ing

Well, we're all glad that's over, aren't we?

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It turned out to be a pretty brutal weekend for the B1G, going 7-5. Let's take a look at what everyone is saying:

Michigan 28, Akron 24: Saturday began with this...

Let's go Akron! -- Jager Hund; supposed Michigan fan commenting on a post over at OTE

Due to this sarcastic comment, Jager Hund's joking privileges have been revoked. I think we need to start a new meme for what happened on Saturday, and call it getting Jager Hund-ed. Hopefully we can avoid a Jager Hund-ing next week vs UConn. And, I hate to bring this up, but our colleague Anthony Mammel said some things in his What We Need to See post that are creepy on reflection.

Indiana 42, Bowling Green 10: Indiana showed some defense? And offense? This could be a bad thing for the rest of the conference if Indiana gains any confidence, which seems to be the case. Nate Sudfeld threw for 335 yards on Saturday, and his completion percentages have been 70.6, 73.8, and 65.4 in Indiana's first three games.

Minnesota 29, Western Illinois 12: regardless of what happened on the field, the major story is obviously going to be the health of coach Jerry Kill. There are always going to be questions about his health, but The Daily Gopher has a good article about some individuals going a little too far. Other than that, I'll congratulate the Gophers on their win, and then wish Jerry Kill a speedy recovery and return to the field.

Nebraska 21, UCLA 41: Oof! I'd call what happened to the Blackshirts a tire fire, but a tire fire smells to good to be an accurate description of the Huskers' defense in the second half on Saturday. Even Corn Nation has some serious questions about the defense. Check out their report card of the weekend's performance here. On the UCLA side of things, they are proud of the win, but it is kept in perspective. If you are not moved by this article, there is something very, very wrong with you, and you should have your humanity checked.

Michigan State 55, Youngstown State 17: hey, they can score points! Sure, it was an FCS opponent, but The Only Colors says that this is a step in the right direction for Sparty. And given Michigan's poor performance against Akron, I will keep my snarky comments to a minimum today. There is hope in East Lansing, but it sounds like it's being kept in context.

Iowa 27, Iowa State 21: there was a locker room break-in during the game in Ames on Saturday, which is funny because I didn't know there was anything worth stealing in Iowa. Then, at the end of the post about said burglary, BHGP goes all "Scoreboard". It was a six-point win, guys; "scoreboard" shouldn't be used if you're up by less than 14, in my opinion. But, that's Iowa; gettin' all excited about a six point win.Woo! Yeah, you were up 27-7 at one point, but then you let ISU score 14 in the fourth quarter, while scoring only seven points yourselves.

Penn State 31, UCF 34: Bortle'd. The PSU defense needed to show a little bit more, but at least they had Christian Hackenberg and Allen Robinson keeping them in the game. If this were any other year, 31 points would mean a victory for the Nittany Lions, but this could be the very beginnings of Penn State starting to slide. Even Hack can't win every game. Black Shoe Diaries also has this interesting bit on how Saturday's game may have an impact

Illinois 24, Washington 34: I actually enjoyed watching this game. It's good when B1G teams play well (obviously), and the Illini played well enough on Saturday to stay in this game. However, The Champaign Room isn't completely pleased with the performance, and they've realized that their national championship hopes just went out the window.

Ohio State 52, Cal 34: the Buckeye secondary gave up 371 a freshman, but LGHL is pretty proud of how their offense performed, especially with Kenny Guiton at QB. Let's take some note of how that secondary performed and get the game plan together for 11/30, okay? Okay.

Purdue 24, Notre Dame 31: so, close! There was a lot of hope that Purdue would win this game, but then Purdue just Purdued all over the place and lost. The loss broke Travis Miller over at Hammer and Rails, but he was able to find at least one positive in Saturday's performance.

Northwestern 38, Western Michigan 17: the Wildcats won, but dropped in the polls and then took a shot at our beloved Wolverines in the process. We'll get you, Northwestern, oh, we'll get you.

Wisconsin 30, Arizona State 32: W...T...F!? There's just too much to link regarding what happened here, so head over to Bucky's 5th Quarter to read about all the...I mean, seriously, W...T...F!?