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YWD is No Jokes, Just Beer

Last week's foray into trashing Akron was completely ill-advised, because it was obviously karma.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Your Weekend Drinking Instructions are mournful. Uh. So last week happened. Devin Gardner is the worst quarterback in the history of ever best quarterback in the history of ever I have no idea take your pick. He's got something like six turnovers in three games and Michigan's 3-0. I do not understand.

So, instead of making fun of UConn this week, I just want to talk about beer. Oh wait, and make fun of the whole skywriting thing that has MSU's underclothing in a bunch. So silly.

This week I went to Trader Joe's to get my fill of fall beers, and I was not disappointed. Get ready for your Beer of the Week! But first, Week Four's slate of college games is pretty bad. Auburn-LSU will be a snoozer unless Auburn plays like a real team, ASU-Stanford is going to be similarly meh, and MSU-ND is going to be a hilarious comedy of quarterbacking errors. And Gameday loves the MSU-ND matchup so much that they're going to cover it all week (can you tell I discovered strikethrough?) GO TO FARGO, ND TO COVER AN FCS GAME. Seriously. And M-Uconn is somehow the night game seen by more than half of America. Yeesh.

Let's hope for some anarchy, I guess.

In honor of GameDay going to Fargo, I've got Fargo on the brain. Consider this insightful commentary on the Michigan State offense:

And this deep dive into Tommy Rees' psyche:

Tommy Rees is Mike Yanaglia. Or maybe what will happen when Louis Nix introduces himself to Connor Cook:

But come on. I gotta do one more, right? Here's Michigan State trying to pick a quarterback:

So here's what I'm going to do today. I'm going to watch Fargo as I slow-cook some pork. And then I maaaay switch over to some football. Night games'll do that to a man. While I do this, I'll be drinking Moose Drool Brown Ale. Why? Because it's got a high enough alcohol content that it'll get me through the day. And it's delicious. And it reminds me of Fargo, because even though it's brewed in Montana, it's basically the same place, right? I'm sure both places have teams that beat Minnesota at some point. That makes a lot of sense, actually. They're all going up to the Twin Cities.

Sorry for the delay this week, Michigan Faithful. Enjoy the game today, and until next time, cheers!

PS: totally forgot Nate Wolters and is from South Dakota, which is close enough. Oh, and ND actually won the whole FCS last year. Cool.