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Michigan at UConn Gamethread

The Wolverines head to Rentschler Field for the first away game of the season.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

It has been an up and down first month of the season. The Wolverines started out hot with a dominating performance against Central Michigan and a marquee win over Notre Dame in the sequel to Under The Lights. Devin Gardner looked like a complete quarterback capable of pushing the offense to another level despite the youth along the lines.

Then Akron happened and all the expectations that grew three sizes the previous week were scaled back and everyone took a deep breath and remembered what this team is: really talented, but really young.

Tonight doesn't look to be a stiff challenge on paper. UConn has been flat out bad to start the year and doesn't match up well with what Michigan will want to do. But the same could be said of last week's foe. Its hard to imagine the team coming out as flat this week as it did last week, especially given Taylor Lewan's comments following the game.

This is another important step in the season. Michigan can finish the non-conference slate unbeaten, and a good win will set the Wolverines up nicely going into the first bye week of the season. There is a lot more work to be done later, but tonight closes the door on September. It is still too early to look at October, that much was made clear last week.