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Michigan Football Game 4 Twitter Reactions

Michigan 24 UConn 21: Twitter Reactions

Jim Rogash

What a way for Michigan to officially end the Summer.

Michigan had most of the nation's attention on Saturday night in it's road game of the season. The Wolverines mounted a late comeback and held off UConn for a 24-21 victory. The win wasn't pretty but in the end, team #134 will take the win and run with it.

The theme of the 2013 season thus far has been turnovers. None other than QB1 Devin Gardner is the largest culprit of turning the ball over. Gardner now has 8 interceptions through 4 non-conference games. It's tough to imagine a guy with Gardner's talent averaging 2 interceptions per game but you are what you are. Numbers don't lie.

As bad as Gardner looked at times during the Akron game in week three, you would have to say that the UConn performance was even worse. The QB draw plays are occasionally effective but they are not a recipe for long term success. The lack of flow on offense has resulted in a large amount of turnovers.

Michigan hasn't just turned the ball over occasionally. The ball has changed hands frequently and often. It's accumulated to the point that Michigan is nearly last in the nation in turnovers lost. Michigan has to

On a side note, did you see a famous Wolverine fan at the game? It was none other than Mr. New York, Derek Jeter. The New York Yankees shortstop made the trip out to Connecticut to root on the Wolverines and it's been established how big a fan he is of Michigan football. Regardless of how you feel about Jeter from a baseball perspective, you have to be a fan of the company he keeps. His latest plus-one is Sports Illustrated model, Hannah Davis.

Back to Michigan v UConn.

Michigan has struggled to put pressure on opposing quarterbacks, that must is clearly obvious. However, from a defensive perspective, the Wolverines have been stellar at stopping the run game. The Michigan D has put some crazy good stats when it comes to it's rush defense. It's important to keep Michigan's competition in mind when you look at these stats, but they are nonetheless still impressive.

It was nice to see Frank Clark showcase his beastly skills and show some sort of presence on an opposing QB. Clark and recent March Madness legend Spike Albrecht even exchanged some tweets about one of Clark's sacks.

The moral of the story is short and simple for Michigan. If the Wolverines can limit the turnovers and continue to control the opposing team's run game, it can lead to more victories throughout the season. Michigan hasn't played consistent football in 2013 and the players will need to use the upcoming bye week as a measuring stick. Time to put away all the hype that surrounded the team after the Notre Dame victory. Time to forget about the fact that the team is 4-0. Time to go back to basics and play fundamental football.

The MVP of the game has to go to Desmond Morgan. His interception gave Michigan a shot of momentum and that play alone could be a changing point for Team #134.

At the end of the day, Michigan is an undefeated team and that's more than a lot of other college football teams can say. The hopes of a B1G title are still alive and possible. One thing Michigan doesn't have to do is apologize for continuing to grind out games and win. Winning means everything these days.