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B1G Blog Roundup Asks: Where is Team 134? The World Wonders

What are the other SBN Big Ten blogs saying about their teams' performances on Saturday? And what does the United States Navy have to do with Michigan football?

Jim Rogash

Before the Battle of Leyte Gulf, Admiral William F. "Bull" Halsey suggested having a task force at the ready that could peel off and block the Japanese escape through the San Bernardino Strait. This task force was called Task Force 34. When the location of Task Force 34 was still unknown, an ensign encoded a message to the task force that said, "Where is Task Force 34? The world wonders." That last part was supposed to be omitted, but wasn't, and Halsey was pissed. Admiral Nimitz had no idea where Halsey's group was, so he had a message sent. Long story short, even though Halsey's group steamed north and then south without actually fighting anyone, the United States won the battle anyway. What does this have to do with Michigan football? Team 134's "location" isn't exactly where we'd like it to be; it's racing this way and that, and we'd like to know where they are. The buffer in the code, "The world wonders", would also be unnecessary in Michigan's case: Team 134 is 4-0 and the battle of the first third of the season has been won. Now, they need to focus on the rest of the war. On to the blogs...

Minnesota 43, San Jose State 24: the Gophers started out slowly again, but then turned to the run game to dominate the Spartans. Minnesota's leading rusher was freshman QB Mitch Leidner, with 151 yards and 4 TDs. Sound familiar? On a side note, The Daily Gopher is doing some great things to make a difference in the epilepsy community, and I applaud them for it. Next up: Iowa.

Ohio State 76, Florida A&M 0: I'm not sure what to say about this. You can't say that OSU should have just taken a knee every down at some point, so I guess I don't really have a problem with the outcome. LGHL takes a look at their stock performance on Saturday, and it's surprising to see that there was anything that was a recommended sell. Other than that, the site is lacking much for coverage of the game. I guess the Buckeyes piled enough on in-game that LGHL didn't feel it was necessary to pile on in the blogosphere. Next up: Wisconsin.

Iowa 59, Western Michigan 3: congratulations, Iowa fan, your team is now 3-1. Oh, wait, those three wins? Yeah, against teams that haven't had a win yet this year. Great resume. Adam Jacobi's Takeaway is that it may not mean much in the long run, but the win sure helped in the short-term. Also check out the Arrest Report at Black Heart Gold Pants; it reminds me of why I hate Iowa (as if I need any reminding).

Northwestern 35, Maine 21: yeah, the Wildcats won by only 14. They don't seem so scary now, do they? Actually, they still are kinda scary. And, we're not really in any position to criticize another team's performance against "inferior" competition, are we? Sippin' On Purple takes a big-picture look at Northwestern's performance and doesn't freak out. Perhaps some of Michigan's fans could take something away from that? Next up: Ohio State (10/5).

Michigan State 13, Notre Dame 17: I started watching this game, but didn't realize that I fell asleep until I woke up in the fourth quarter. I should have gone shopping with my wife and kids instead. After reading about HeckDorland being baffled over at The Only Colors, I wish the game would have been interesting enough for me to not pass out with boredom. The Only Colors also mines the box score and comes up with similar conclusions to Heck's, but also finds ways to disagree. Next up: Iowa (10/5).

Nebraska 59, South Dakota State 20: the Huskers won handily, but their defense did struggle for a while, which is still causing some frustration in Lincoln. Next up: Illinois (10/5)

Penn State 34, Kent State 0: the Penn State defense came to play on Saturday, and held the Golden Flashes to a big ol' goose egg. However, they did this against a Kent State team that did not play Dri Archer due to a lingering injury. You can read the positive grades Black Shoe Diaries gives the performance here. There is also a good post over there about sitting through some shitty weather. Next up: @ Indiana (10/5).

Wisconsin 41, Purdue 10: Purdue has moved on from their near upset of Notre Dame and have now remembered that they are Purdue. Travis Miller found only one positive from Saturday's game...okay, two: at least they have a good punter. Next up for Purdue: Northern Illinois. On the Wisconsin side of things, I think they ran the ball or something. Bucky's 5th Quarter also takes a good look at the run/pass chart from Saturday's game. Again, that running thing seems to be working out quite well, no? Next up for Wisconsin: @ Ohio State (this is going to be a good one).

Indiana 28, Missouri 45: Crimson Quarry struggles to find something nice to say about the Hoosiers' play on Saturday, and puts some of the blame on the offense...yes, on that high-octane offense. The best news for Indiana over the weekend was the landing of a top 50 shooting guard. Next up for Indiana: Penn State (10/5).

Michigan 24, UConn 21: you're already here, so hopefully you've read what we have to say. If not, click here for some deja vu, some coaching points, and all other sorts of self-loathing. Next up for Michigan: Minnesota (10/5).

The Takeaway?

Half of the Big Ten will be taking a bye this weekend, and it's clear that some of them need to get their heads back in the game. Each blog has stated that their team needs to make some improvements, and strangely enough, most of the programs have struggled with lower level programs. Time to take a week off and get a game plan together for the entire conference. On the bright side, at least the B1G can start beating the piss out of each other.