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The Brewskis Got UConn'd

I'm not really sure I can actually give out any awards. Thanks, Obama/UConn. Short awards this week, but enough snark to get you to the weekend.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was quite a game. By now you've read all the drawn-out coverage that comes with a bye week, but you're craving some Brewskis. Finally, here they are.

The Deja Vu Award:

Sorry, DG. For the third game this year, you've had a turnover-six. Yikes. Also, Wreck It Ralph was excellent. But that guy really is a bad guy.

The Dan Gilbert Memorial Worst Decision You Could Make Award

I got accosted in the bar on Saturday by a guy wearing an MSU shirt who said he went to both schools. Seriously. Way worse than Comic Sans.

The Last One Handed Interception I Can Remember Award

h/t Ace. I know, UConn isn't MSU. But it's the last one I can remember, OK? C'mon.

The Death to the Hashtag Award

hashtag facepalm hashtag make it stop hashtag ahhhh

The You're A Poet and You Know It Award:

This text, from Dave, midway through the third quarter:
"It's like watching a pet die"

The Captain Sisco Facepalm of the Week Award:

This one goes to the huge amount of negative plays Michigan's run in the games this season. I can't even count how many times I've seen first-and-ten go into second-and-more. Yikes.

The That's Enough Negativity Award:

Defense was actually pretty solid today. They're on the field way too much and in years past this would lead to me saying "Michigan really needs an interception/sack/whatever" and then Desmond Morgan got one. They also did pretty well given the UConn short fields the offense/ST gifted the UConn offense..

The Trey Burke vs Kansas Clutch Award:

Scheduling. I cannot think of a better time in recent memory to have a bye week. Limping through an easy nonconference slate is not the way I'd like to enter it - but this allows the coaching staff to actually teach for two weeks before easing back into Big Ten play with Minnesota. That's good.