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Foot Meet Mouth: Mark May Said He Watched Michigan-Notre Dame As A Kid; Didn't Actually

Mark May says a dumb thing on television, part 13029 in an endless series.


Did you watch the Michigan-Notre Dame game on TV growing up as a child?  I did, because it was played pretty consistently from 1978 to now, and I grew up in the 90s.  If you're older than me, you might not have.  Especially if you are Mark May's age.  But wait:

Something seems off about this statement.  Let's let our trust friend "basic mathematics" help us out.

So Mark May's childhood either lasted well into his 20s — when he was playing football at Pittsburgh and wouldn't be in upstate New York, which seems like a fairly trivial factual inaccuracy next to the fact that Mark May is claiming to have watched games that never happened — or he doesn't do any research before going on television in front of millions of people.

(H/T: The Big Lead)