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The Brewskis: Central Michigan

A quick Brewski Award hit for Central Michigan.

Gregory Shamus

The Brewskis are back! Quick and dirty this week because we're already in full-blown ND mode. Look for these on Mondays from here on out.

The David Harris Hit of the Game Award

This one was a toughie, but I'm giving it to Jarrod Wilson for this beautiful demolition of a screen on the poor CMU RB. H/T for parkinggod for the highlights.

Honorable Mentions go to Cam Gordon and Cam Gordon.

The Best Highlight Video of the Week Award

No added snark necessary because this is incredible. This blog stands unequivocally behind Top Gun references and dubstep highlight videos. Maybe not the latter. Via Sippin' On Purple.

The Memorial Horror That Is Minnesota Award

Here's looking at you, Iowa State and K-State. Yowza.

The Keep on F'ing That Chicken Award

I wanted to make fun of MSU's QB play on Friday night, and instead got this video. I'm not embedding. Curse you, B/R. I've never had a hard time finding M highlights on YouTube, so thanks to all that put those up so regularly.

The Demon Barber of Norfleet Street Award

I don't know what I'm going to call this but I'm really hoping to put Norfleet here every week. Honorable mention: the kick return and that punt that got called back. Dennis: please catch the punts so I don't have to see Dileo or Gallon back there, though. You almost jeopardized this segment.

The Adam DeMamp Thought It Would Be Horrible But Wasn't Award

Michigan's kick coverage team. Even starting SIX true freshmen out there, they've earned themselves a hearty Not bad. Please continue this for a full season. By the way - anyone see the shredding of Beamer's vaunted special teams on Saturday night? Alabama sucked and they were still the best team on the field by a mile. That team is scary.