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Michigan 41 - Notre Dame 30: Exhale

Who wants to stop playing these games again?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan needed a couple lucky breaks, and got them at just the right times.  In the end, it was a Devin Gardner scramble to clinch it.

Devin Gardner, wearing number 98 in honor of Tom Harmon, was brilliant almost completely throughout — as long as you excuse what might be the worst interception ever thrown in football history.  He and Gallon showed their comfort with each other, connecting for three touchdowns.  For the game, Gardner was 21 of 33 for 294 yards and four touchdowns.  He added 82 yards on the ground and a touchdown on the ground.  Every time Michigan needed a big play, he was there.

On defense, Michigan didn't have its finest game, struggling in the second half as Notre Dame moved up and down the field, but Blake Countess came up with two huge interceptions.  The first led to Michigan's last score before halftime.  The second killed Notre Dame's last ditch effort to pull within one score.

It was another heart-stopping chapter in a rivalry that is ending at the wrong time.

More from the Maize n Brew crew in the coming days.  For now, just breathe.