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2014 Prospect Profiles

All of Maize N Brew's prospect profiles for the class of 2014 in one place. Each profile comes with a breakdown of the player's skill set, a summary of their recruitment and a prediction of where they'll end up.

Roundtable: A Look Back at Signing Day 2014

Some of the Maize n' Brew staff offer their thoughts on the 2014 Signing Day and who the Wolverines signed of note.

2014 Prospect Profile: John "JuJu" Smith

Michigan has less than a handful of spots left in the class of 2014. One of those slots will almost certainly be filled by a safety, and California native John "JuJu" Smith is capable of filling that vacancy. Can Michigan lure him to the Midwest?

2014 Prospect Profile: Malik McDowell

One of Michigan's least talented defensive positions is strong side defensive end. Could Malik McDowell come in and contribute immediately if he goes blue? Is he a lock to play the 5-tech position?

2014 Prospect Profile: Kyron Watson

Michigan doesn't have a major need at the inside linebacker position this cycle, but the staff still plans on taking one for depth purposes. Will Kyron Watson be that linebacker? What would he bring to the defense?

2014 Prospect Profile: Maurice Ways

Michigan still has a hole at receiver despite picking up consensus four-star Drake Harris. Will Maurice Ways help fill that void? What would he bring to Michigan's offense?

2014 Prospect Profile: Artavis Scott

Maize n Brew profiles FL WR Artavis Scott

2014 Prospect Profile: Montae Nicholson

Greg Mattison and his defensive staff have recruited the safety position well since arriving in Ann Arbor. The team needs to add an elite talent to the back end in this class. Could Montae Nicholson be that safety?

2014 Prospect Profile: K.J. Williams

Michigan needs a trio of wide receivers in this class, and Pennsylvania product K.J. Williams could be one of those receivers. What would he bring to Michigan's offense?

2014 Prospect Profile: Jabrill Peppers

Michigan has a need for an elite corner in the class of 2014, and New Jersey cornerback Jabrill Peppers fits that mold. Who is in the fold for the young defensive back, and what will he bring to the team of his choice?

2014 Prospect Profile: Da'Shawn Hand

Michigan's pass rush has been average for quite some time now, and the Wolverines are looking for players who can add athleticism and all-around game to their defensive front. Enter super recruit Da'Shawn Hand.

2014 Prospect Profile: Joe Mixon

Michigan will look to add some elite talent to an already strong stable of running backs in this years recruiting class. Could talented halfback Joe Mixon eventually join the Wolverines' class of 2014?

2014 Prospect Profile: Alex Bars

Michigan took its fair share of offensive lineman in recent classes, allowing the staff to hone in on a few elite offensive line prospects during the 2014 recruiting cycle. Could tackle Alex Bars eventually be part of the Michigan staff?

2014 Prospect Profile: Nic Weishar

Michigan has taken quite a few quality tight ends recently, but the position will remain important in the class of 2014 with the Wolverines transitioning to a more run-heavy offense. Could Weishar be part of this class?

2014 Prospect Profile: David Cornwell

Michigan needs to find a QB in the class of 2014 and this Oklahoma gunslinger might be the first one offered. Take a long look at his film and he'll begin to remind you of a former Miami of Ohio standout.

2014 Prospect Profile: Lawrence Marshall

Michigan has needs at both defensive end and outside linebacker in its 2014 class. It can fill either of those slots by picking up this long, speedy and overall athletic in-state prospect out of Southfield.

2014 Prospect Profile: Austin Roberts

MnB continues to introduce you to football recruits in the class of 2014. Up next is Austin Roberts, a physical receiver that would transition well into Michigan's offense.