Gardner Going Pro?

Did I miss something because I just saw this article and right there it shows Devin Gardner. Is this being kept secret and will not be released and closer to the draft and the writer knows something that we don't? Or is this just an uneducated writer who never knew that Gardner got a Red Shirt and assumes he is a Senior.

Please tell me it is the latter, at least for next season Devin Gardner is a better option at quarterback than Shane Morris, and with our new Offensive Coordinator we may actually have a competitive season if Gardner is in fact behind center. I hope that the coaches aren't trying to get Gardner to go pro thinking Morris is ready, all I got out of the bowl game is that Borges didn't trust Morris to run the offense. I'm not sure whether this can be attributed to the fact that Borges was a terrible Offensive Coordinator or not.

All I can say is please stay Devin, and does anyone know anything about Devin going pro?

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