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YWD Lost The BYCAPE, but Rekiffens

Yeah, I lost.

Christian Petersen

Your final standings are out! I did not win, so I don't have much motivation. Hmm. Something else happened here, right? Oh, yeah, Michigan hired Doug Nussmeier. Hrm. Happy happy.

But rules are rules. As expected, the lock pick wins swayed a lot - you got double points if your pick hit. Some of you picked Notre Dame, some of you took Alabama. Expectable. Smart money's always on your pick to win the NC.


1 Ty 410
2 mpkey 400
3 rciar 390
4 Briz 345
5 ZoobyQ 335
6 MarcBuwalda 325
7 Peter Putzel 310
8 TexasCombs 310
9 blue steve md 305
10 Anthony Mammel 300

So, like, yeah. Ty, we'll figure out how to get you the prize we promised you, which is likely nothing, but we'll figure out something. Probably. A lot has happened. Michigan fired Al Borges and replaced him with Doug Nussmeier within about three hours, which is fantastic for them but bad for snark - I had all sorts of great rumors ready to post. Remember the Miles/plane tracking website bit? Yeah. But at least Alabama made a smart hire to replace him:


Yeah, there's literally nothing I can say. I don't have any snark for this. Right?


aw man I'm sorry bro why you gotta be sad like that please don't tell your new bo-


aw, man, you got me yelled at. This blog is a strong Kiffin supporter - he's destroyed the dreams of Raiders fans, Trojans, Volunteers, and now gets to submarine the Crimson Tide. We at MnB wish him the best.

This week, in honor of Ty, I'm going to pour one out for him. What am I drinking, you ask? Glad you did. It's still winter, it's time to keep warm. Porter time. This week, one of my favorite breweries, Dominion, gets the nod. They actually do a cherry beer with Michigan cherries, so, +1. They have a really awesome Baltic porter, which isn't two sweet, and nice and dark with hints of liquorice. Do it.