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Vic Enwere Reaffirms Cal Pledge, Will Join Golden Bears in 2014

Michigan misses out on another running back target as Vic Enwere confirms his commitment to Cal.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

With mere weeks until Michigan moves past National Signing Day and transitions into Spring Practice with their 2014 recruiting class, the Wolverines will be doing so without having senior running back Vic Enwere in the fold.  As a verbal commitment to California since June 17, Enwere has kept his options open in case another school catches his eye.  Although Vic has not yet visit his future school, Cal did enough to keep him interested in ways that other schools could not.

"Cal has it all," said Enwere.  "It fits me to perfection.  Michigan was great, but it simply did not fit me.  They have a great program, but for someone else."

Before making his decision, Enwere discussed the possibility of visiting other schools in addition to the Wolverines.  Vic was not completely sure what schools he would visit if he chose to explore other options, but he had thought about this in the past.

"I don't think I'm going anywhere else.  If so and I do decide to take a trip somewhere else, it would be on the 31st if another school were to come into play.  That school could be Boise State or it could be TCU off the top of my head."

Vic flirted with the possibility of joining Michigan's 2014 class and was receptive to the attention that the Wolverines showed dating back to late October.  It was around that time that Michigan began to more seriously pursue a running back in the '14 class after missing on some of their earlier targets at the position.

Enwere even went as far as taking an official visit to Michigan on December 13 to check out what the Wolverines had to offer.  This official visit, which coincided with the officials of the majority of Michigan's 2014 class, took place over three days and included a dramatic home basketball game at Crisler Center against No. 1 ranked Arizona Wildcats.  While in Ann Arbor, Enwere also took in a bowl practice as the Wolverines prepared for the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl against Kansas State.

"I came in and was picked up from Detroit Metro airport and went to Michigan where I met all the guys off the bat," said Enwere.  "We ate a little bit while we were there.  Then we headed out to see the basketball game, and we got to see a good bowl practice and the academic aspect that I wanted to see.  All in all, it was a good trip and I saw everything I needed to see in order to evaluate the school."

The most puzzling aspect of Enwere's commitment to Cal, and the one that prompted many 247sports Crystal Ball predictions from California to Michigan, was that he has not yet visited the school that he will be joining in the fall.  However, Enwere will finally get the opportunity to check out his future school with an official visit to Cal on Friday.  After reaffirming his commitment to Cal yesterday, Enwere's commitment brings the California Golden Bears to the 55th highest ranked team class according to 247sports, checking in at 9th place in the Pac 12 conference.