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Introducing “We On: An Inside Look at Michigan’s Final Four Run” by Josh Bartelstein

Relive the 2012-13 Final Four run with Josh Bartelstein's inside look at Michigan's magical season.


Michigan's 2012-13 Final Four season will always be a cherished memory of mine, and I imagine the same is true for a lot of our readers here.

What better way to relive that wonderful season than by experiencing it through the eyes of one of the players there for every step. Michigan senior walk-on Josh Bartelstein has a new ebook called "We On: An Inside Look at Michigan’s Final Four Run", and it is chock full of great bits about Michigan's magical season, as well as excerpts from players like Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr. and a foreward by former Wolverine Zak Novak.

Here is a quick excerpt from the book:

Final Four Week

The most surreal week of my life-and it probably won't ever change-was the week of the Final Four. As a kid growing up, you always dream of what it would be like to have police escorts, security guards, media days, and to play in front of seventy-five thousand people. I'm going to do my best to break down the week for you and all the things you would never know unless you were a part of it.


The goal at the beginning of the week was to make it as normal as possible. We weren't going to leave for Atlanta until Wednesday. Monday was a total off day. Some guys had some treatment for bumps and bruises, but we didn't have any physical activity. However, the coaches wanted us to get all our tickets in by Tuesday. They knew how big of a distraction it would be and didn't want it hanging over our heads all week.
During this time, the coaches were meeting and beginning to set up a plan to beat Syracuse and their zone. They called coaching peers and began to understand the movements of the zone and what worked. They watched a ton of film, looked at what we did against zone defenses earlier in the year, and started deciding what areas of the zone we wanted to attack. I honestly believe that if you gave Coach B and the staff a week to prepare for a team it was going to be very hard to beat us. The plan they put in place was remarkable and I'll get more into it later.

I highly recommend all Michigan basketball fans head over to Blog Into Book and pick up their own digital copy of this great look into one of Michigan basketball's most unforgettable seasons.