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Sophomore Standout Kentrail Moran Talks Dead Period, Awaits Visit

With the recruiting Dead Period set to expire in a few days, we caught up with 2016 running back Kentrail Moran, who is set to receive a visit from the Michigan coaching staff very shortly.

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It is more than likely that new recruiting guidelines have caused some confusion as to what the Dead Period is and how much longer Michigan will be under its confines. With the Evaluation Period, the Quiet Period and the Dead Period all in the mix under the NCAA's new dialogue, it is easy to get lost within the recruiting jargon. Each period comes with a slightly different set of guidelies that programs must abide by, and this tricks down to effect recruits as well.

One Michigan target who was forced to learn the ways of the recruiting landscape early on is 2016 running back Kentral Moran. During his sophomore season, Moran racked up 1,140 yards, 14 touchdowns and 272 receiving yards, proving that he is a top-flight running back. This was more than enough for local programs such as Illinois and Northern Illinois to offer Moran, but he is also seeing a large amount of interest from Michigan so far. After an equally impressive rookie campaign in 2012, division one football programs began contacting Moran as early as his freshman season to start up the recruiting process.

"My coaches get me hipped on to all that stuff," said Moran. "Sometimes I'll Google some things and it'll give me a schedule of when coaches are available or when they are allowed to call us prospects. During my freshman year, it was a little bit confusing."

The dead period lasts for a month from the middle of December to middle of January (Dec 15 - Jan 15). During this time, coaches can not have face-to-face contact with prospects, visit their schools or watch these players compete in any kind of athletic event. They can, however, still call and write to prospects during this time, which is how offers are still extended during the dead period.

To be more specific, coaching staffs follow a strict set of rules regarding their involvement during the Dead Period Coaches can send out unlimited emails and letters, but are only allowed one phone call per week to recruits. Conversely, recruits are unrestricted in the amount of times they can reach out to a coach. It is all dependent on who initiates this contact.

In fact, wide receiver coach Jeff Hecklinski has been in touch with Moran in recent weeks and is set to visit the top 2016 prospect soon after the Dead Period is over. In order to keep his select few calls intact, Hecklinski prefers to have recruits get in touch with him as often as possible. Hecklinski has remained in communication with Moran and mentioned his upcoming visit.

"Yeah, he did," said Moran. "I'm actually going to give him a call this week. Our relationship is amazing and we have a great connection."

Schools can, and often do, invite prospects to attend bowl practices during the Dead Period. These practices usually take place at the site of the bowl game, allowing for programs to reach out to kids in areas that they may not have otherwise had the chance to. This was the case for Michigan when they hosted 2015 OLB Cassius Peat during their preparation for the BWW Bowl in Arizona. Michigan had planned on hosting 2015 Saguaro WR Christian Kirk during this time, but Kirk was sick and could not make it out to practice. Still, Kirk was extended an offer on Christmas Eve.

Michigan has remained busy during the Dead Period and was particularly active on Wednesday and Thursday last week. The Wolverines extended an offer to junior wide receiver Juval Mollette last Wednesday before sending a quartet of scholarship offers a day later. 2015 prospects Jalen Dalton and Minkah Fitzpatrick were offered on Thursday along with 2016 targets Thiyo Lukusa and Kareem Walker.