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2015 Prospect Profile: Jake Fruhmorgen

Doug Nussmeier and his offensive staff are looking for an offensive tackle or two in the class of 2015. Could Jake Fruhmorgen be one of those bookend prospects?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Film and Ratings

Hudl highlights

Tampa, FL
Plant High School
6'5", 270

Service Star Rating Position Position Rank Overall Rank
247 **** OT 4 61
ESPN **** OT 7 124
Rivals **** OT 8 70
Scout **** OT 10 103

As you can see, Fruhmorgen is an elite offensive tackle prospect; his lowest offensive tackle ranking is ten, which is still a fine prospect considering the amount of tackles that are ranked in every class. He holds offers from Alabama, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin and countless others.


Frame: A-
Jake's frame is good but not fantastic. He has the length to play both tackle positions, but arm length won't be a strength of his if he ends up protecting the blind side. Carrying relatively little unclean weight, he should be able to step straight into a college weight training program and get to a very solid playing weight of around 300 pounds.

Strength: B

Fruhmorgen is a strong player who can still become much stronger. He is stronger than your average college football tackle recruit but needs to focus on core and leg strength as he prepares for the next level. He doesn't plow through smaller players as much as you would like at times.

Speed & Agility:
Jake is fairly mobile for an offensive lineman his size. He's plenty capable of finding bodies to block in space on screens or kicking out of a stance to prevent rushers from getting to the edge.

On-Field Awareness: B
This is tough to judge when watching a high school offensive lineman, but Jake seems to have a solid grasp on block pickups and assignments.

Technique: A-
This is definitely a strength of Fruhmorgen's. He has a nice kick step and usually displays good footwork when protecting the edge. He knows how to get his hands on rushers and also shows a bit of a mean streak in the run game, plowing the occasional defender into the dirt.

Ceiling: A-

Fruhmorgen's lack of elite arm length and athleticism make him a good but not awesome tackle prospect. He has the ability to develop into an NFL draft pick should he put on some clean weight and continue to work on his game.


As stated in the Film and Ratings section, Jake holds offers from nearly every major program in the country. He has visited or camped at Alabama, Florida and Notre Dame, all of which have one or more predictions made in their favor on his crystal ball. Most of the renowned national analysts see him ending up at Alabama, which might actually bode well for the Wolverines considering that Doug Nussmeier probably had chances to interact with him in Tuscaloosa.


I don't have enough information to make a solid prediction, and it's also still fairly early in the class of 2015's recruiting cycle. Michigan might get its chance to impress Fruhmorgen, but Alabama looks like the team to beat right now.