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The Maize n Brew Bowl Survival Guide, Part 5: And A Pick 'Em Update!

It's Sugar Bowl time.

This was an absolutely incredible bout at the SEA games.
This was an absolutely incredible bout at the SEA games.
Suhaimi Abdullah

Bowl season is nearly over, but that means we're just getting started with the Fourth Annual Bowls You Care About Pick 'Em. And there's also a bowl game on tonight, which means we have to talk about it, too.

Here's where we stand in the Truest Test of Champions There Ever Were Or Ever Will Ever Be:

Freonboy 200 Picked Auburn in the NC, so the field still has a shot. #GoJameis
Briz 185 FSU + the double lock means FSU wins, he wins
Ty 175 Similar situation.
Kkopp2005 170

Not out of it yet.

Zach 170 There is no way this is the same guy that runs this site, right?

On to the bowl.

The Sugar Bowl: Angry Saban Is Angry

Oklahoma vs Alabama, 1/2, 8:30pm, ESPN

Quick Summary: Did anyone catch that Fiesta Bowl? What about that Rose Bowl? What a fantastic hangover cure of a New Years' Day. I made Blake Bortles' name into a verb, something that Raider fans will realistically do for the next several years. Michigan State looked positively terrifying on defense without their best player and David Shaw made some really Borges-like playcalls on third and fourth down to seal his team's demise. I don't even know. I've been very wrong this entire offseason with snarky predictions, so why should I stop now? Bob Stoops looks to continue his bowl game dominance by beating an angry Alabama team that isn't as good on defense as people thought. Half of that sentence is true - in Norman, he's called Bowl Game Bob because his teams always seem to have that little extra zing to 'em during bowl season. Alabama has a ton of maulers on their O-line, is quarterbacked by some schlub who's involved in a bizarre Brett Musberger love triangle, and a first-round talent at linebacker. Because Alabama will win this game fairly easily, I'm going with Bowl Game Bob and the Sooners. I can't name anyone on Oklahoma, but that's because I'm probably an idiot.

Any Redemption? Only if Alabama loses. A loss would equal their cumulative loss total for roughly the past decade. Oh, and remember how Nick Saban ditched State? (I'm reaching, I know, because they just won the Rose Bowl).



Drink of Choice: If you can stomach drinking this soon after Mark Dantonio's Rose Bowl video played twice during the game yesterday, good for you. I, however, am merely mortal.