Nik Stauskas to go pro after season?

That's what the Detroit Free Press quoted his dad as saying. That would be a terrible mistake if true. Sure, Nik is having an excellent season and I want him to continue to improve. But if he declared himself for the 2014 NBA draft he'd be in for a rude awakening. He needs a least one more year of seasoning. Same thing goes for Glenn Robinson III. He disappears in too many games still and he could use more seasoning. It would have been a joke if he and Mitch McGary left last year. I'm sure Spartan fans wouldn't have minded, but who cares what they want. I want the best for my Wolverines and these three guys. I wish McGary a speedy recovery and may he come back to the Wolverines strong in 2014-15. I hope GR3 and Stauskas will return with him. Its amazing how so many guys think after one good season of college ball, they're ready for the pros. That's why the quality of the NBA has gone down, too many underdeveloped guys who went pro too early. That's another reason why so many former #1 draft picks including lottery picks are unemployed after a couple years. They weren't ready to make the jump to the pros. I hope McGary, Stauskas and Robinson won't make that same mistake. Look at history at let that be your guide.

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