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Game Thread: #21 Michigan at #3 Michigan State

Michigan basketball travels to East Lansing to complete a successful sporting weekend against the Spartans after hockey's sweep and wrestling's victory.

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Welcome to tonight's thread everyone!

It has been one hell of a ride the last eight games, hasn't it? As has been noted many times, winning on the road is difficult, and tonight is obviously no exception...regardless of a missing piece of the Michigan State lineup. Normally I'm all about schadenfreude, except when it comes to injuries (even stupid ones). I prefer my teams to play against the other team at their best; sometimes it just isn't meant to be, though.

Before the game starts, don't forget to check out Fouad's Hoops Preview and Zach's Q&A in the fancy little box over there.

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Due to prior family commitments, I probably won't be able to join you tonight, but I'll be with you in spirit and you'll be in good hands. Keep the community growing, comment like this is the most important thread ever, mind the guidelines, and Go Blue!

Tonight's random tune is brought to you by Fitz and the Tantrums...and Daryl Hall!