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YFD Just Realized There Were Two Games On Tonight

Apparently someone at the Cotton Bowl pissed someone at the Orange Bowl off, because they're both on at the same time.

Matthew Stockman

Hrm. There are two games on tonight. I didn't even realize it. The Cotton Bowl used to be one of my favorite bowls, but now it's basically a Big Twelve rematch between two teams that didn't get out of their conference championship games. We'll soldier on.

Cotton Bowl: Obsolescence Is Such Sweet Sorrow

OKSt vs Missouri, 1/3, 7:30pm, Fox. What?

Quick Summary: Seriously, the poor Cotton Bowl. It's getting buried. No amount of Fox homerism can save it. Gone are the days of national champions being crowned after grinding Big Eight victories. Enter Jerry Jones, who literally cannot stop having college football games at his billion-dollar palace. That's fine for the fans, but I'm not watching another basketball game there, no sir. Anyway - the Cotton Bowl was left in the dust by the BCS and no one really blinked. Tonight, in a throwback to the halcyon days of the Big Twelve, Missouri plays Oklahoma State in a battle of what might-have-beens. Missouri's had a QB carousel this year while the Cowboys fell to the dreaded Bowl Game Bob (by the way, I called that) in the Big Twelve Pseduochampionship, allowing the vaunted Baylor Bears entry into the BCS slot. We all know how that turned out. The Bortlesing.

Any Redemption? Can we have another Bortlesing? I just don't think the Franklining or the Mauking sounds the same.

This Game, in a GIF: Somewhere, Tom Landry is crying.


Drink of Choice: Remember that scene from the best James Bond movie where that one girl dies of oiling and then James Bond makes the bad guy drink oil at the end of the movie? That's where the Cotton Bowl is. Note that MnB does not condone the drinking of oil. In fact, don't do it, ever.

Orange Bowl: Heh, 24-1.

Ohio State vs Clemson, 1/3, 8:30pm, ESPN

Quick Summary: lol ohio state lost TONIGHT WE ARE ALL TIGERS OF CLEMSON

Any Redemption? Sure, if there's pizza around.

This Game, in a GIF: One last, final last time.


Drink of Choice: Pour out a Bleeding Buckeye tonight, folks. Just pour it out.