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Michigan 75 - Purdue 66 : Spitting Fire

Michigan continues a torrid offensive pace despite early hiccups and extends its Big Ten record to 8-0.

Leon Halip

Early on it looked like Michigan might be headed for the same fate as Ohio State and Wisconsin last night, but the Wolverines held on as the offense continued to scorch its way through most of the game.

The Wolverines shot 54% from outside and 60% from the field en route to beating Purdue handily.  The Wolverine offense struggled for a time with turnovers, coughing up 16 for the game, but everything else was clicking all night as Michigan had three scorers over 14 points in the game.  Nik Stauskas led the way with 16, three assists and three blocks.  Caris LeVert and Derrick Walton both scored 14 with LeVert doing just about everything else to go on top of that.  He finished the game with 11 rebounds, two assists, three steals, and two blocks.

Purdue got a big game from AJ Hammons, who gave Michigan trouble inside, but Michigan's biggest worries are the second chances given up (Purdue had 16 offensive rebounds), and the turnovers that turned into shot opportunities the other way.  Michigan has so far been one of the best teams in the conference in both areas.

Michigan's big man combo of Jordan Morgan and Jon Horford combined for 15 points, nine rebounds, and a block while hitting 6/8 shots.  Morgan did most of this, with his 11 points, but he also had three turnovers.  Glenn Robinson III had a quiet eight points, but wasn't as active in the offense as Walton, who finished up his second impressive game in a row for Michigan.

Right now, this Michigan offense looks as smooth and capable as any offense in the nation.  The Wolverines are hitting shots at a high rate and getting good, open looks almost at will.  Early in the game Michigan used a variety of plays to get Nik Stauskas shot opportunities off passes while letting Caris LeVert try to get the corner with dribble penetration.  Both are further looks to what Michigan can do, and with so many ways to score, Michigan needs only to adjust to regain the upper hand.

The defensive issues are there, and tonight proved that the Wolverines aren't immune to pressure.  However, spread out over 40 minutes, there is only so much the visitors can do when the home team is playing at the level Michigan is right now.