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Wolverines in the NFL: Wild Card round

The regular season's a distant memory as the NFL playoffs are already four games deep. Find out how the Wolverines fared in the Wild Card round.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into the Wild Card round on Saturday, there was at least one Wolverine playing in each of the four games. In fact, the only Wolverine in the NFL that's on a 53-man roster, made the playoffs, and didn't play this weekend was Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr of New England. Most of you call him Tom.

Craig Roh (DE, Undrafted in 2013, Carolina Panthers):

Even though the Panthers face off against the San Francisco 49ers next Sunday, don't expect to see Roh suited up on the sideline for Carolina. He's still on their practice squad.

Zoltan Mesko (P, 150th in 2010 to Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals):

After a couple of months away from football, Mesko filled in for Cincinnati's injured starter Kevin Huber. He didn't amaze, but he didn't disappoint in the Bengals' season-ending loss to the San Diego Chargers. He punted three times in the game with two landing inside of San Diego's 15 yard line and the other - a 50 yarder - bouncing into the end zone for a touchback. I doubt he sticks in Cincy since they signed him in a replacement role, but hopefully he receives a shot next offseason to land on an NFL roster.

Junior Hemingway (WR, 238th in 2012 to Chiefs, Kansas City Chiefs):

For any one watching the Chiefs-Colts game on Saturday, you already know how Kansas City fell apart in the second half to blow a 28-point lead (38-10 early in the third quarter) and lose 45-44. And for those of you who missed it, now you know. As for Hemingway, there's one play that sticks out, and it's because he missed a block. Stampede Blue briefly mentions it here, and a fan post at Arrowhead Pride digs a little deeper here. Basically, Hemingway had a chance to block and spring Kansas City wideout Dwayne Bowe for a touchdown. He didn't make the block, and Bowe fell short of the end zone. The Chiefs ended up settling for a field goal and leaving four points on the board in a close playoff game is a no-no. Granted, this all occurred in the first quarter, the Chiefs still failed to score from inside the five yard line, and there was plenty of football left to be played. Outside of the missed block, he caught two passes for 30 yards and should have had a chance at a touchdown catch on the Chiefs' opening drive, but quarterback Alex Smith missed him. Also, Hemingway left the game for a bit in the third quarter after being injured on a kickoff return.

Tom Brady (QB, 199th in 2000 to Patriots, New England Patriots):

With the aforementioned meltdown by Kansas City, Brady's first step towards winning his elusive fourth Super Bowl ring welcomes the Indianapolis Colts to Gillette Stadium. Tom didn't catch any of the Andrew Luck-led comeback in Indy, and he's not worried about the opposing quarterback, because why should he? That's a task for his defense.

Jason Avant (WR, 109th in 2006 to Eagles, Philadelphia Eagles):

Philly fell to the New Orleans Saints on a last-second field goal on Sunday, and Bleeding Green Nation already thinks Avant won't be asked to return in 2014. Against the Saints, Avant was targeted only on short passes as he recorded five receptions for 21 yards. In the linked article, BGN describes Avant as "one of the slowest wide receivers in the league. Still, he receives starter snaps and has yet to provide consistent plays and get open. That slows down Foles' reads and creates issues when it comes to getting the ball out of his hands...Avant is likely gone, despite being a great locker room leader."

Brandon Graham (LB, 13th in 2010 to Eagles, Philadelphia Eagles):

Seeing the same action he's received all year (roughly a third of the defensive snaps and more action on special teams), Graham tallied one sack, one tackle assist, and a tackle on special teams. With Philly's season over, all Graham can do is hope to be used more on defense next year.

Jonathan Goodwin (C, 154th in 2002 to Jets, San Francisco 49ers):

Goodwin continued to play on every offense snap for the 49ers in their walk-off victory against the Green Bay Packers. San Fran's offensive line looked solid in the Frozen Tundra as they helped quarterback Colin Kaepernick gain over 300 all-purpose yards. Next up for the 49ers: the Carolina Panthers.