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Al Borges Fired; Michigan To Bring In A New OC For 2014

Michigan is moving on from its enigma of an OC.

Gregory Shamus

603 and 41
261 and 14

Those two sets of numbers (total yards and points from the last two games of this season) are about as good as any to sum up Michigan's three years with Al Borges leading the offense.  It seemed like things were either wildly and inconceivably productive or maddeningly and sickeningly broken.  The only thing that was ever consistent was the inconsistency with which the offense produced yards and points on a game to game basis.

Now, it will be someone else's offense to lead as Borges will not be retained on Michigan's staff going into 2014.

While this move isn't surprising given Michigan's struggles, it is in that this is the first coach Hoke has let go on his staff during his tenure at Michigan, and given some of the struggles along the offensive line it was widely thought that Borges wasn't even the top guy on the chopping block — that was thought to be Darrell Funk, OL coach and message board whipping boy.

As of now all we know is that Michigan's offense will be going through some sort of transition between now and kickoff this fall.  Who replaces Borges and any other staff changes are all purely speculation at this point, and there will be a lot of news to come.

For now, I choose to remember some of the good times.  The UTL comeback in 2011, Denard's game against OSU that same year, and Michigan's offensive explosions against OSU and Notre Dame this past season.  There has been enough pain that I don't feel like reliving it just yet.

Stay tuned, this off season just got a lot more interesting.

(Ed. Note - A man just lost his job. Keep your comments civil, please - we're very proud of our growing comment community here and would like to keep it that way. Dissenting opinons: welcome. Ad hominem attacks: not so much. Thanks, all.)