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Internetz Rumor: Michigan Reaches out to UCLA OC Noel Mazzone reports that Michigan has been in contact with UCLA OC Noel Mazzone.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was fast.

After a surprise removal of Al Borges from his coordinating duties, Michigan appears to have reached out to current UCLA OC Noel Mazzone.

Mazzone just completed his second year on UCLA's staff and has helped the Huskies Bruins put together the 11th rated FEI defense this past year after leading the 33rd rated FEI offense in his first year on campus.  Brett Hundley, UCLA's quarterback, was 20th nationally in passer rating with more yards, more touchdowns, and fewer interceptions than Michigan's Devin Gardner.  Mazzone's UCLA offense was also 35th in yards per game with 196 and a per rush average of 4.5.  Michigan was 103rd.

The recent resurgence of UCLA makes Mazzone a hot name, but he has been around the block, having coordinated offenses from Ole Miss to Oregon State and even Minnesota in the Big Ten.

His will likely not be the last name linked to this job, so stay tuned.