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Open Thread: Michigan at Nebraska; there will be no mention of Nuss...d'oh!

Wooooooo! Have things settled down from the football news?

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Even though there was a pretty big football announcement made, there is still a basketball game being played tonight.

The Huskers are in the midst of a three game losing streak, two of which have been to ranked Iowa and Ohio State teams.

So, anyway, I don't have a whole lot more on this; it's just a thread for cryin' out loud. If you want information, you'll have to read Zach's preview.

Let's get on with this thing. Participate like this is the most important game of the year, have fun, mind the guidelines. If we're lucky, maybe SanDiegoMick will have another recipe to share. Last game's Middle Eastern Taco sounded damn yummy!

Go Blue!

Today's tune is brought to you by Sugar...