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Big Ten Coaches Power Rankings: Week 6

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Voted on by SBNation writers, these power rankings answer the age old question: Who is the best coach in the Big Ten right here, right now?

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After over a dozen responses I have counted the votes and determined the one, the only, the weekly Big Ten Coaches Power Rankings. Here are the results.

1. Mark Dantonio (Avg. Score: 1.07 LW: #1, 1.23)

Team Record (Big Ten): 67-30 (39-19)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 3-1 (0-0)

Last week: Home vs Wyoming (W 56-14)

This week: Home vs #19 Nebraska

Well there's not much to say about Mark Dantonio so I'll let Andy Ketterson from Corn Nation speak his mind:

Dantonio's #1 because he's earned the right to stay there until someone knocks off him or he does something Hoke-ish. (Until this week, it was Kirk-ish, but, well, you know.)

I would imagine Andy expects the "someone" to knock off Dantonio will be Bo Pelini and his 5-0 Nebraska squad. The best game with any Michigan football team this weekend is in East Lansing and it will have massive implications.

2. Urban Meyer (Avg. Score: 3.43 LW: #2, 1.92)

Team Record (Big Ten): 27-3 (16-1)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 3-1 (0-0)

Last week: Home vs Cincinnati (W 50-28)

This week: Away vs Maryland

Well it's lonely at the top. Fresh off a less than inspiring win over Cincinnati, Urban Meyer dropped almost 2 points in average rankings and is only a fraction ahead of Bo Pelini. This week the Bucks will travel to Maryland, although even a win might not guarantee Meyer keeps the #2 ranking depending on the outcome in East Lansing.

However not all writers had Urban Meyer even in the top 5! Andy Ketterson had some strong words for Urban:

Urban drops to #8 because a) no bonus points for constantly squatting in that legs spread, hands on knees, [butt] in the air, deep in concentration even though he can't see anything pose, b) I think most of the above could be doing a better job with his roster and c) I just think he [is not a very nice guy]. So he deserves to be higher, but [down with] him.

Normally I'd say a coaches pose doesn't affect coaching talent but I thought the same about headsets. Funny how the little things can make a difference.

3. Bo Pelini (Avg. Score: 3.71 LW #3, 4.00)

Team Record (Big Ten): 63-24 (18-8)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 5-0 (1-0)

Last week: Home vs Illinois (W 45-14)

This week: Away vs #10 Michigan State

Pelini took a slight leap this week after a convincing win over the Illini, but all the marbles will be on the table this weekend. With playoff spots, Big Ten standings and coach power rankings on the line this weekend in East Lansing, Saturday can't get here fast enough.

Once again Andy Ketterson had some words of wisdom, although not a lot for his home coach:

Bo gets a chance for a big leap this weekend, but really hasn't had a decent team yet.

4. Jerry Kill (Avg. Score: 4.36 LW #6, 7.62)

Team Record (Big Ten): 21-22 (9-16)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 4-1 (1-0)

Last week: Away vs Michigan (W 30-14)

This week: Bye Week

Nobody improved more in average score than Jerry Kill, who's win over Michigan has him all the way up to #4. With an extra week to sit back and drink from the jug before hosting Northwestern, Kill should have plenty of time to prepare the Gophers as he tries to get to a .500 winning percentage with Minnesota.

Hammer & Rails own Juan Crespo had had this to say about Jerry Kill:

I was tempted to put Kill a spot or two higher on this list, but kept him at #4. Minnesota took advantage of a weakening Michigan team and won the jug back. Now he has his team poised as a dark horse contender to win the B1G West.

While GopherNation and TheDailyGopher were a little more optimistic about Jerry Kill:

Yes, I intentionally went homer with my Jerry Kill at #2 pick. Why not, we are riding high up here don't-cha-know.

Then again I don't know what else I was expecting from a user named "GopherNation."

5. Gary Andersen (Avg. Score: 4.86 LW #5, 4.77)

Team Record (Big Ten): 12-5 (6-2)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 3-1 (0-0)

Last week: Home vs USF (W 27-10)

This week: Away vs Northwestern

Andersen took a slight hit in the rankings this week, most likely due to Jerry Kill rising and a less than amazing performance against USF, but held on to his top 5 spot. Andersen will get a fair test next weekend as they try to avoid the suffering the same fate against Northwestern as Penn State did last week. With Minnesota and Nebraska both looking better than expected this year, Wisconsin's path to the division title may not be as easy as it seemed when the season started.

6. Randy Edsall (Avg. Score: 6.21 LW #10, 9.08)

Team Record (Big Ten): 17-25 (1-0)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 4-1 (1-0)

Last week: Away vs Indiana (W 37-15)

This week: Home vs #20 Ohio State

Randy Edsall had the biggest improvement in rank this week, rising 4 spots all the way up to #6. Even if the win in Bloomington was a result of an Indiana let down after that win over Missouri, you have to admit it is an impressive way to start your Big Ten Career. Maryland's passing game put up 361 yards alone (plus 123 on the ground) as the Terrapins slowed the high-flying Hoosier offense to a halt. This week Edsall can further climb the coaching ladder if they can knock off the Buckeyes in the first game Big Ten game at Byrd Stadium.

Edsall was also boosted by a few #2 rankings, one of which was by Andy Ketterson:

Edsall gets the 2nd spot. Anyone who disagrees will have to tell me with a straight face they totally expected that people not from either campus would be talking about the coming tilt with the Buckeyes.

7. James Franklin (Avg. Score: 6.93 LW #3, 4.00)

Team Record (Big Ten): 4-1 (1-1)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 4-1 (1-1)

Last week: Home vs Northwestern (L 29-6)

This week: Bye Week

Well I hate to say I told you so but.... haha told you Franklin at 3 was too much too soon! For those who don't know a previous column led to a debate about the top coaches in the Big Ten which eventually led to this series. The vast majority of that debate was centered around another writer (who shall remain nameless) arguing that James Franklin belonged in the Big Ten elite while I argued I wasn't ready to put him there yet. Well ha!

Personal bias aside, Franklin is still an excellent coach but did get a taste of life in the Big Ten. Any team can win at any stadium at any time. Fortunately for the Nittany Lions, Franklin has a bye week to right the ship before heading to a night game in Ann Arbor.

8. Kyle Flood (Avg. Score: 7.71 LW #9, 8.85)

Team Record (Big Ten): 19-12 (0-1)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 4-1 (0-1)

Last week: Home vs Tulane (W 31-6)

This week: Home vs Michigan

There is something to say when a team goes out and does exactly what you expect, which is what Kyle Flood and Rutgers did last weekend. With that said, Rutgers will take their second shot at their first Big Ten win against a reeling Michigan team. While a night game against MIchigan may not hold the same weight as it once did, it is still a big name coming to High Point Solutions Stadium and the crowd will be rocking.

9. Kirk Ferentz (Avg. Score: 8.86 LW #9, 8.46)

Team Record (Big Ten): 111-80 (65-56)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 4-1 (1-0)

Last week: Away vs Purdue (W 24-10)

This week: Bye Week

Ferentz and his Iowa squad took care of business in West Lafayette on Saturday but dropped slightly in average thanks to rises by Edsall and Flood. Ferentz will get a bye week to fine tune his team up for a relatively easy stretch of Big Ten football. Iowa will play Indiana, Maryland, Northwestern, Minnesota and Illinois before ending the season at home against Nebraska and Wisconsin. With a schedule like that Iowa could be a true contender before too long. This year, the road to Indianapolis runs through Kinnick Stadium.

10. Pat Fitzgerald (Avg. Score: 9.50 LW #10, 10.46)

Team Record (Big Ten): 57-48 (28-37)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 2-2 (1-0)

Last week: Away vs Penn State (W 29-6)

This week: Home vs #17 Wisconsin

Well Fitz and crew went in to Happy Valley and took the wind right out of Penn State's sails didn't they? Just as Penn State was about to be a top 25 team, Northwestern came in and pounded the Lions. A pair of Trevor Siemian runs and a pick six of Hackenberg sealed the win for the Wildcats who seem to be back on track. If Northwestern is serious about turning the season around, then there is no better place to start than by knocking off Wisconsin.

11. Kevin Wilson (Avg. Score: 9.71  LW #7, 7.92)

Team Record (Big Ten): 12-27 (5-19)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 2-1 (0-0)

Last week: Home vs Maryland (W 37-15)

This week: Home vs North Texas

From last week:

Wilson's next challenge? Avoid a letdown loss against Maryland in Bloomington.

Well so much for that. Look I have no idea which Indiana team you'll see on any given day and I'm beginning to think Wilson doesn't either. Unfortunately for Indiana, after a breather against North Texas the Hoosiers will face Iowa, MSU, Michigan, Penn State, Rutgers and OSU before finally ending against Purdue. That is tough stretch of games, but this team has proven it can beat anybody. Sadly it has also proved it can lose to anybody.

12. Darrell Hazell (Avg. Score: 12.43 LW #13, 12.46)

Team Record (Big Ten): 3-14 (0-9)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 2-3 (0-1)

Last week: Home vs Iowa (L 24-10)

This week: Away vs Illinois

Hazell still has not won a big ten game. How did he manage to jump a rank then you ask? Well none of his actions on Saturday sparked a rally outside the President's house. So he has that going for him... which is nice.

13. Tim Beckman (Avg. Score: 12.64 LW #14, 12.92)

Team Record (Big Ten): 9-20 (1-16)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 3-2 (0-1)

Last week: Away vs #21 Nebraska (W 45-14)

This week: Home vs Purdue

Remember when it was 7-7 at the end of the first quarter? Yeah that was nice. Still, Beckman didn't send any concussed players into the game which means not last in this conference!!! Woooooo!

14. Brady Hoke (Avg. Score: 13.57 LW #12 11.31)

Team Record (Big Ten): 28-16 (15-10)

2014 Record (Big Ten): 2-3 (0-1)

Last week: Home vs Minnesota (L 30-14)

This week: Away vs Rutgers

The first shutout since 1984.

The first lost against Minnesota since 2005 and only second since 1987.

The first time having three losses before October ever.

And the worst part is that all three of these aren't as worse as what Brady Hoke did to Shane Morris on Saturday. More than enough articles have been written about this and the voter's clearly know how bad this is. Brady Hoke is the worst coach in the Big Ten by a large margin. Here is what the community had to say:

Is anyone NOT voting for Brady Hoke to be dead last? Is this where we officially tar and feather him or is that somewhere else?

Travis MillerHammer & Rails

I'm putting Hoke last this week. I was at the Michigan/Minnesota game (thanks, Coke!), and though I wasn't able to tell that Morris was possibly concussed being on the opposite end of the stadium, I could see him limping and questioned why he was still in. But when I made it home and saw the replay and reactions, Hoke's actions and words after the game ticked me off. Had I seen Morris' signs of a concussion from my seat, I might have left in disgust that Hoke kept him in. I could continue this mini rant, but I think MnB summed it up quite well on Sunday.
Juan Crespo, Hammer & Rails

I wish there were more coaches in the Big Ten so I could rank Brady farther down this list.
Zach Travis, Maize N' Brew

Brady Hoke shot to the bottom faster than people who pissed off Gotti. Kirk "Time Out" Ferentz probably let out a fist-pumping battle cry when he read Brady's indefensible explanation of why he allowed a potentially concussed QB continue on. Incredibly stupid or is he actually trying to get fired so he can get paid & get the hell out of town?
Andy Ketterson, Corn Nation

Hoke is going at #14 for the Morris mess until he is fired. Because no, the weak blame shifting nonsense isn't going to fly.

1 - Brady Hoke, this the list of coaches we'd most like to be facing right now?
GopherNation, TheDailyGopher

The values were the result of a survey of SBNation writers. If you were not invited to this survey, are a member of SBNation and would like to participate please say so in the comments and you will be included in the email list.

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