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Sunday Morning Brews (10/12/14)

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Well, well, well.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, win #913 turned out to feel pretty dang good.

This was a game in which Brennen Beyer played out of his mind, in which Devin Gardner limped off the field and proudly declared, "Go Blue," in which Geno Lewis and DaeSean Hamilton, who had walked into the Big House averaging 99.0 and 100.4 receiving yards per game, put up a combined 75. This was a good performance.

Preparation and mentality can often matter more in effecting the little things that win football games, but talent is something that can't be kept down forever. The Wolverines boast one of the more talented rosters in the country, and it was only a question of when that talent would walk out prepared to do what it takes. Tonight, they were prepared. It may have taken a world of outside noise and pressure to force the team to click, or perhaps - perhaps - it would have happened naturally. What matters is this team has improved for two straight weeks, and improvement is all that matters.

So, next comes a bye week, then Michigan State in East Lansing. The players will take the time given to them to regroup and find a way to attack the Spartans' aggressive defense. It's a difficult test looming, but this is football. Champions are born from fire. And Michigan fields champions.

Hitting the Links Is Undefeated UTL

Brady Hoke Postgame CommentsPlayer Postgame Comments

Brady Hoke opens up more than he usually does.

MGoBlog Postgame Reaction

It is a very good point that the six sacks (and a safety) came against a Penn State offensive line that looked markedly worse than ours, and comparable to what we fielded last year. On the other hand, this gives us our first win against an opponent with a winning record. Appalachian State (heard of them?) and Miami-Ohio are a combined 2-11.

Halftime Performance

Always good stuff.

MLive Postgame Reaction

Brendan Quinn runs through the highlights and lowlights. This defense has been hit by injuries, with Willie Henry not playing yesterday in addition to Hot Peppers and Desmond Morgan.

Week 7 Stock Report

The most important thing here was the defensive playmakers. That's not to say that will still be there against Michigan State, but it is what this defense was missing - the big, momentum-sealing plays.

Brendan Quinn & Nick Baumgardner Fieldside Chat

A much more positive edition.

Game Photos

Stills of football action can be very compelling. Jake Ryan's penalty grabbing Bill Belton is one, and Devin Funchess pulling the ball from Ryan Keiser is another.