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Michigan coach Brady Hoke familiar with 'Atomic Dog,' praises Dennis Norfleet's energy

Michigan coach Brady Hoke is familiar with George Clinton's "Atomic Dog"... Sort of.

Gregory Shamus

ANN ARBOR -- Dennis Norfleet wanted to electrify the Michigan fan base last Saturday with his dance moves.

He did just that when breaking out some serious moves while awaiting kicks on special teams. A regular appearance throughout the season, nothing compared to the show Norfleet put on for the crowd of over 113,000 under the lights.

Not only did George Clinton, the mind behind the song he danced to, approve of the electrifying dance moves on Twitter, so did his football coach. (Quotes obtained via transcript from Maize & Blue News.)

"The one thing about Dennis, and I've said this before, you talk about a guy that brings energy every day and loves the game, this is what he has," Michigan coach Brady Hoke said on Wednesday to reporters. "I think he was inspired. I don't know if any of us could do the dance that he did. I know you probably think you could. But he brings a lot of energy. He's like that every day. When the whistle blows, he's as focused as anybody on getting out and competing at a high level."

Asked if he was familiar with the song being played in the stadium, Hoke said that he did know it. Sort of.

"I know the song, George Plimpton," Hoke said. "I mean, c'mon, I'm not - I'm 55 years old. I've been around."

Plimpton, who Hoke referred to, was an American journalist and writer who penned the famous book Paper Lion.

A video of Norfleet was captured by YouTube user Melissa Storch.