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Michigan athletic department, CSG announce collaboration efforts

In a prepared statement late Thursday night, athletic director Dave Brandon offered his support of the students and vowed to work closely with the Central Student Government.

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ANN ARBOR -- The basic blueprint appears to be in place to repair the damaged relationship between the University of Michigan's student body and the athletic department.

In a presentation to the Board of Regents during its monthly meeting on Thursday at the U-M Flint campus, Central Student Government President Bobby Dishell outlined the findings from a survey given to the student body in regards to the athletic department and Michigan football. Dishell would explain to the regents that the student body was unhappy with the direction the athletic department was taking the game day experience and the $295 price tag for students, the largest in the Big Ten, was simply too high.

However, Dishell also explained that the athletic department and CSG have reached an agreement to collaborate to repair the relationship  between students and the athletic department.

"It has been great working with our Athletic Director and his department to come to these agreements," said Dishell in a statement Thursday. "This is a huge step forward for students and our relationship with our Athletic Department. We look forward to continuing to work together to create the optimal environment for all Michigan students."

The most notable change to next season is a vow that student section tickets will see a significant price drop with pricing being announced next week.

Among other items of note in the statement:

  • Rental fees for athletic facilities will be eliminated for student groups with a charitable focus.
  • The department has committed to work with the Big Ten to create a blackout weekend where Crisler Center will be available for MUSIC Matters in 2016.
  • Monthly meetings with students will be held with Athletic Director Dave Brandon to address topics relating to all 31 teams and Michigan Athletics.
  • Dishell and Brandon will have regular standing meetings.
  • The athletic department will create a student advisory board comprised of student-athletes, non-athletes, season-ticket holders and non-ticket holders.

Although he has seen himself under fire over the past few weeks, athletic director Dave Brandon offered his support for the students.

"Michigan Athletics looks forward to forging a strong relationship with Central Student Government," Brandon said in a statement. "This is an important relationship for us, one that we need to repair, and one that will provide mutual support among all students. We have worked closely with CSG over the past year, and this will continue to strengthen our very important work with the student community."