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Saturday Open Thread can take some time to relax

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No Michigan today, but we still have a place for you to hang out.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Today's slate of games may not be "can't miss", but there are a few intriguing match-ups...and we already know that there's no way for Michigan to lose, so sit back and relax for one week. Here are a few games you may want to keep an eye on:


4 Baylor at West Virginia (FOX Sports 1)

14 Kansas State at 11 Oklahoma (ESPN)

Iowa at Maryland (ESPN2)

Purdue at Minnesota (BTN)


21 Texas A&M at 7 Alabama (CBS)

8 Michigan State at Indiana (ESPN)


10 Georgia at Arkansas (SEC)


Tennessee at 3 Ole Miss (ESPN)


5 Notre Dame at 2 Florida State (ABC)

So that's just a brief look at what's happening today. Even though Michigan isn't on the TV today, you can still hang out at MnB and talk about all of the day's and evening's action. Just make sure you mind the guidelines and behave yourselves.