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Michigan State 35 - Michigan "Not Very Good" | A Laughable Excuse For A Football Game

Michigan has ceased playing competitive football. It is simply running out clock on Brady Hoke's career as head coach.

Leon Halip

Michigan is not good at football.

Its quarterback, Devin Gardner, has regressed over three years and now throws shovel passes to opposing linebackers in the red zone.

Its offensive line got the Wolverines to positive yards, but gave up loads of pressure.

Its defense once again gave up a back-breaking score before halftime.

Its receivers dropped a few critical passes.

Michigan walked into East Lansing a huge underdog and walked out with its head down as Michigan State ran in a final exclamation point touchdown with under thirty seconds left and the game completely out of reach.

This is where we are at.  You can repeat "This Is Michigan" to yourself all you want, but those words don't mean the same thing you think they do.  Michigan has cratered under Brady Hoke, and even a touchdown in the fourth quarter to snap a touchdown-less streak against MSU that goes back to 2011 (!) is just another thing to laugh derisively at while the whole damn thing burns.

This program is broken, and there comes a time when we all have to realize that not even a new AD or coach is guaranteed to fix it.

Until then, we just get to sit here and watch the fire get bigger.