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Michigan's pregame actions spearheads postgame words from Michigan State's Mark Dantonio, Connor Cook

Michigan State's Mark Dantonio and Connor Cook discuss being disrespected by Michigan before the game.

Leon Halip

In retrospect, perhaps Joe Bolden might think twice before bringing a spear into Spartan Stadium.

When Michigan ran out to field pregame, Bolden appeared to spike some sort of spear or dagger into the Spartan Stadium turf. Going practically unreported all game, it took Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook to say something about it during the postgame press conference to draw attention to the spear.

"I think everyone saw when they ran out and stuck the dagger on our grass and disrespected us right out of the gate. We weren't having that," Cook said. "If we have the ball, we're trying to score. They ran out and I know one of the players had a spear or a dagger or something and just spiked it on our grass. Right before kickoff and disrespecting us."

The "disrespect" Cook and the rest of the Spartans felt turned into a late touchdown run by Jeremy Langford when it could've easily downed the ball and ran out the clock.

Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio didn't mince words when asked what his intentions were with the late score either.

"As far as the score at the end, we knew we were going to pop one," he said. "They had everyone up there so we popped one. Just felt like we needed to put a stake in them. You might as well just come out and say what you are feeling at some point because you can only be diplomatic for so long."

Dantonio went on to discuss how disrespected he and Michigan State feels toward Michigan every year. The spear throw, in his eyes, was another display of that Michigan arrogance and disrespect.

"The little brother stuff, all the disrespect, they didn't have to go in that direction. We try to handle ourselves with composure," he said. "It doesn't come from the coach; it comes from the program. To throw a stake down in our back yard out here and coming out there like they are all that, it got shoved the last minute and a half."

Michigan State would go on to beat Michigan 35-11 on Saturday.