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Kenpom Releases Initial 2015 Ratings

Advanced stats guru Ken Pomeroy has released his first ratings of the 2014-15 season.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan has been a Kenpom darling the last couple years, finishing in the top ten both years with the top rated offense in the nation based on adjusted offensive efficiency.

This season Michigan starts at 15th overall, one position behind Ohio State.  Michigan's offensive efficiency rating is 114.1 (6th overall) and its defense efficiency rating is 96.7 (46th).

The odds of Michigan's offense remaining at the same lofty heights as it has the last two years aren't good, but a drop to 114th in adjusted defensive efficiency is believable given John Beilein's track record at Michigan and the return of a good deal of talent in the back court.

However, it seems a little optimistic for kenpom to project significant improvement on defense when factoring in Michigan's losses up front.  The defense rating this year is up from the 102.1 (109th) that it finished at last year.

Michigan's primary foes in the Big Ten come in above the Wolverines, with Michigan State 12th and Wisconsin 6th to go along with the aforementioned Ohio State.  The Big Ten has 11 programs in the top-40, with Penn State, Northwestern, and Rutgers bringing up the rear.

Michigan will have games against Kenpom's 5th (Arizona), 11th (Syracuse), 35th (Oregon), and 36th (SMU) rated basketball teams in the non-conference.