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Open Thread: Wolverines at Scarlet Knights and more CFB action

There are some other great match-ups leading up to tonight's game; come and hang out and discuss 'em all!

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are after what was perhaps the worst week in the history of Michigan football, and we need to find a way to get ourselves up for this game. Although there are clearly a couple individuals we need to drop, we must continue to support the team. Those kids are still playing their hearts out.

There is still a game that needs to be played tonight, and there has been some good coverage by the team here at MnB--Zooby's preview of all of the day's happenings in college football; Kevin Bunkley sat down with OTB's Kevin Recio; the staff discusses our expectations for tonight...and the future, and atticus.finch.712 lets you know How To Watch the day's events, including a ton of other great match-ups.

In addition to the great football pieces we've had, the hockey season starts tonight. I'm stepping away from the hockey coverage this season, but we have Center Ice on the staff, and he will do a much better job than I ever could. So welcome him aboard and be sure to check out his preview of tonight's game against Ferris State.

We've seen some great comments and participation in the last week, so I hope we can continue that trend. The game threads have been doing well, and I can't thank all of you enough for what you do to keep 'em rolling.

You know what to do today: comment like this is the most important thread ever, mind the guidelines (read Shash's piece just in case you need a refresher), and always Go Blue!

Today's tune is one that is so overused at sporting events that the original version lost its luster long ago. However, I recently stumbled across this version that gives it new life. Say hello to Ben L'Oncle Soul...