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Big Ten Football Roundup: Week 6

Purdue and Northwestern were winners last weekend! And Michigan is still Michigan.

Gregory Shamus

What a great day in college football! Everyone who was ranked lost, Nick Saban was knocked down a peg, and the state of Mississippi has become a hotbed of least for a week. How did things go in the Big Ten? Well,  it was the Big Ten.

Purdue 38, Illinois 27

You're almost there, Purdue! I'm starting to get a piece ready about how I was so wrong about you guys...even if you did just beat Illinois. Hear that, Illinois? You're worse than Purdue!

Blazing Saddles LOL

(20) Ohio State 52, Maryland 24

What happened to you Maryland? Oh, that's right, you haven't played anyone yet. When you gain only 66 yards on the ground and throw four interceptions, the wins just aren't going to be there whether you're playing Ohio State or not.

Braxton Miller went down and everyone was like, "Ha! That RS Freshman ain't no Braxton Miller!" (By the way, please don't say "ain't"). Well, J.T. Barrett may not be Braxton Miller, but boy did he try to be somebody out there. In his first five games as the Buckeyes' QB he has tallied 1,354 yards for an average of 270.8 yards per game. The last time Miller was able to play through the first five games of the season (2012), he totaled only 933 yards and a 186.6 ypg average. Be afraid, people; be very afraid.


Indiana 49, North Texas 24

It looks like I won't need to buy one of our readers a Coke. After a 126 yard performance against the Terrapins two weeks ago, Indiana's Nate Sudfeld went out against the Mean Green and went 23/230/3. And with Tevin Coleman and D'Angelo Roberts each surpassing 100 yards rushing, the Hoosiers had this game well in hand. In the first quarter alone the score was in favor of Indiana to the tune of 21-0. A scoreless second quarter was offset by yet another 21-point quarter in the third.

Northwestern 20,  (17) Wisconsin 14

All the shit I've been getting at work will be shoved back down their throats this week. To be fair, folks in Madison were worried about this game. They have no quarterback; their receivers are unknowns, and even though the running game is very good, it can't be everything. Seriously, Melvin Gordon rushed for 259 yards and the Badgers still lost. To top it off, the Badgers are 4-5 against the Wildcats since 2000.

Godwin Igwebuike picked off the Wisconsin QBs three times, but none of those INTs were as important as the one to effectively end the game for Northwestern. There are five undefeated teams so far in the early stages of the conference season, and the Wildcats are one of them...and the only one who is 2-0. Their match-up with Minnesota on 10/11 will be for first place in the West. You read that correctly--Minnesota and Northwestern will be playing for first place in the West. Strange days.

Rutgers 26, Michigan 24


(10) Michigan State 27, (19) Nebraska 22

This was going to be a great opportunity for the Huskers to show that they are a contender in the league, but Ameer Abdullah went from being one of the best backs in the country to just being Klinger's uncle in that episode of M*A*S*H from season 11 when Klinger is trying to invent the hula hoop. Seriously, look it up. Okay, that may be a little strong. He did rush for two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to put a bit of a scare into the Spartans.

With Michigan State allowing 19 unanswered points in the fourth quarter, is it possible that this team could get too comfy with a lead later in the season? Like in a few weeks? That would be nice. It probably won't happen again, but we can dream!